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Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page re-sign with AEW

All Elite Wrestling

The Elite are staying with All Elite Wrestling.

We’ve been hearing all year about the impending end of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page’s AEW contracts. It didn’t always sound like a lot of progress was being made, and there was WWE interest (particularly in Omega) — as well as some potential internal issues surrounding the return of CM Punk. But we never had an “oh, they really might leave” moment like there was with fellow AEW founder Cody Rhodes.

Now we know that they won’t be leaving. Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso got the scoop this morning from AEW owner, president, and head of creative Tony Khan:

“The Elite have been so important to the launch of AEW, with the Young Bucks going all in when I first approached them in 2018 about my dream to create an international pro wrestling promotion. Shortly after that, their partners and closest friends Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page joined us to formally launch All Elite Wrestling. All four of them have been instrumental to AEW’s success from the very first episode of Dynamite in 2019 through the present day.

“Now, as we celebrate tonight’s 200th episode of Dynamite, I’m excited to share that Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Adam Page will all be staying in AEW for years to come. We look forward to celebrating the great news with fans around the world.”

The report notes that Omega & The Bucks’ Matt & Nick Jackson will retain their Executive Vice-President titles. All four men offered quotes on their decision, pointing both to the pride they feel in helping to create an alternative for wrestlers & fans, and the flexibility working for AEW gives them — both in terms of who & where they can wrestle and a schedule that allows them to spend time with their families & pursue outside projects.

And as Omega said in his post-Blood & Guts promo, the quartet wanted to stay together. Matt Jackson told SI:

“Ultimately, I made the best decision for my family. Working in AEW will allow me the most time with my children, and they’re still at the young age where they need their dad home as much as possible. Having the strongest marriage possible with my wife Dana is so important to me as well. When wrestling is finished, I want to come home to a full, healthy home. The entire Elite was going to make the decision of where we were going, together. And that’s what we did. We stuck together. Which isn’t typical in the wrestling business. But again, I used the word family earlier. We’re not just locker room pals. We’re more like a family. And we did what the family wanted.”

No word on the dollar figures involved, although Nick Jackson said, “the money was a huge factor” in his decision. Similarly, there were no specifics on term other than that the contracts are “multi-year”, but Page mentions that “it’s likely that I will one day finish my career here.”

Reports with details should follow. For now, you can see Omega & The Bucks wrestle on Dynamite’s 200th episode tonight.

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