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AEW conveniently changes the terms of Ricky Starks’ suspension

Ricky Starks crossed the line on the Aug. 5 episode of AEW Collision when he whipped 70-year-old Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat with his own belt. As a result, Tony Schiavone announced that Starks was suspended from in-ring competition in AEW for 30 days.

The length of this suspension raised the eyebrows of many folks, because it means Starks will not be allowed to wrestle at AEW’s next two major pay-per-view events, All In on Aug. 27 or All Out on Sept. 3. The idea that Ricky would miss All Out in Chicago was especially noteworthy since he did say he was going to bring a war to CM Punk’s front door, which was presumably a reference to All Out.

AEW must have realized they botched counting the number of days before All Out, because on tonight’s episode of Collision, Starks clarified that Tony Schiavone made a mistake and actually meant to say his suspension is for 28 days, rather than 30 days. That conveniently clears Ricky in time to wrestle at All Out, which would be day 29.

Starks now has two weeks remaining on his suspension, and he’s decided to bring in Big Bill by his side as an agent of chaos, allowing Ricky to keep whipping poor saps with Steamboat’s belt:

It sure looks to me like we’re headed to some kind of strap match between Punk and Starks for the “Real World Championship” in Chicago at All Out.

Do you think Big Bill is a good fit as Ricky’s new henchman? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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