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AEW Collision results, live blog (Aug. 19, 2023): Fight for the Fallen

Tony Khan’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Aug. 19) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week from Lexington, Kentucky’s Rupp Arena, and closing out a week of Fight for the Fallen shows helping to raise money for the Maui Food Bank as they support those impacted by the wildfires in Hawaii. You can chip in here.

Tonight, Darby Allin keeps his sights on the TNT title and gets ready to challenge Luchasaurus for the belt at All Out by taking on the man behind the dinosaur-man, Christian Cage! We’ll also hear from FTR, Ricky Starks & Miro (in three different segments), and see Powerhouse Hobbs in action. Plus, Samoa Joe will continue his efforts to get “Real” AEW World champ CM Punk to accept his challenge for All In next Sunday in London, Willow Nightingale battles Diamante, Jay White vs. Dalton Castle, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Geno here. Let us do this.

Samoa Joe up first and he gets blasted by Golden Vampire. This is wild, he’s getting thrown around with ease. Wait. He goes up and hits the GTS!

That’s CM Punk!

Off with the mask to a huge pop.

Punk gets a mic and says three words:

“I accept, bitch.”

Okay then!

They quickly show a graphic for the big match, and All In gets Joe vs. Punk. Joe leaves the ring in a fuss, very angry.

Jay White vs. Dalton Castle

A lot of shouting before they ever lock up. Once they do, it’s White who takes control with big shots to the back. He tosses him out of the ring but Castle gets back in and locks up with him, throwing him down.

Naturally, White responds with chops in the corner. Castle comes back with a few of his own. They go back-and-forth before White gets the best of him and sends him outside.

The Boys cause a ruckus and Bullet Club Gold chase them around the ring. They never catch up to them though.

Instead, White goes out to keep fighting with Castle.

Commercial break.

Back from break and they’re trading blows in the middle. White gets the better of it but again Castle comes back with a big slam. They sell while the crowd gets involved. Back to trading blows. Big elbow from Castle. Running knee in the corner. Lariat follow up. Bulldog gets pushed off but he hits a suplex just after. Then another.

White makes enough of a comeback to get Dalton up and over the top rope to the outside. Big chop right next to the commentary team. He breaks the count just to then toss Castle back inside just for Dalton to swing his legs and take White down.

Bullet Club Gold surrounds Castle but The Boys take flight to take them all down. Back in the ring, White hits a uranage. Shortly after, he calls for his finish, hits the Blade Runner, and that ends it.

Jay White def. Dalton Castle via pinfall

Commercial break.

In the ring, Tony Schiavone is there to talk to Bullet Club Gold.

White says they talk about what they want to talk about and first up, fingers up for the Lexington Gold members.

He says he has a message for Kenny Omega in his hospital bed. The so called “god” of professional wrestling doesn’t want to be exposed by him. White claims The Elite deceives the entire pro wrestling world. But they’re here to set the record straight so in London at All In, Bullet Club Gold will show they are a cut above The Elite.

It doesn’t matter who Omega brings with him, what friends he has, they beat him before and they’ll beat him again.

Juice Robinson calls out Hangman Page by saying it took them very little time to put Omega in the hospital so what does Page think they’ll do to him at the biggest pro wrestling show ever. “You idiot!”

The Gunns throw shade at The Young Bucks, saying they’re the best tag team in AEW. The crowd chants exactly what you’d think.

Austin Gunn gets on the mic and demands Tony Khan send them a challenge they can get warmed up with.

That brings out Jacked Jameson and the Iron Savages. So we’re getting six-man tag team action.

Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson vs. Bullet Club Gold

The Gunns do their thing early, taking control of the match and sending Bronson to the outside.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Boulder gets in running wild on the Gunns. Robinson up top and tries the crossbody but gets caught. Boulder bodyslams him onto Colten & Austin. He follows up with the big splash but it only gets two.

Jacked Jameson tags in but he gets thrown out instantly. Boulder left alone inside and he’s isolated and taken down. Bronson comes in and he too gets isolated and taken out. Finally, Jameson back in and Robinson takes him down too and that’s it.

Bullet Club Gold def. Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson via pinfall

Backstage and Ricky Starks is talking to Tony Schiavone. Ricky is upset about being suspended. He says he’s already served half of his suspension and this whole thing feels like a big joke. He’s the one who suffers from everyone else making mistakes.

Last week he said he was going to bring a war to AEW and he meant every word. Tonight, for those in attendance and everyone watching at home, he’s going to bring chaos.

They cut to the side and show Big Bill.

Then they go into a video of Starks talking about people taking his kindness for weakness. And the amount of kindness he has is the same amount of chaos he can bring. “This is who I’ve been all along. One thing and one thing only — I am absolute.”

His music hits the speakers.

He’s out with Big Bill.

Time for a squash match.

Big Bill vs. Derek Neal

They note this is Neal’s AEW debut and he instantly gets mauled. Bill grabs his hair and screams in his face before shooting him off and hitting the big boot. Huge chokeslam. One boot on his chest. That’ll do.

Big Bill def. Derek Neal via pinfall

Starks points to Neal and Bill grabs him up while he’s trying to leave the ring. He pulls him over and Starks whips him with a belt, the same one he whipped Ricky Steamboat with. Bill then tosses him out.

Willow Nightingale vs. Diamante

Willow works elbows into the corner. Big lariat into some kicks. Stomping the mudhole, not walking it dry. She works some more offense, sending Diamante to the outside. That brings out Mercedes Martinez, who hangs out ringside.

Diamante takes control and that sends us to commercial break.

Back from break and Willow regains control. She goes up top but Diamante takes her down. Knees in the corner. Big takeover slam gets a two count. Martinez cheering on from the outside.

Diamante tries to shoot her off but Willow reverses her. Diamante roll up gets two. They square up in the center and Willow drives her to the corner. Up top they go. Diamante makes like she’s going to hit a powerbomb but gets fought off. Follow up missile dropkick from Willow and Diamante rolls out.

Martinez argues with Willow. The crowd gets loud and it’s because Kris Statlander hit the scene to take out Martinez. Willow takes advantage, with a HUGE tackle on the outside. Back in the ring, she hits the powerbomb and gets the pin.

Willow Nightingale def. Diamante

Toni Storm interviewed backstage.

She gets upset about being questioned about Saraya having her back, saying don’t ever question the friendship of The Outcasts. She promises to be elevated more than anyone ever when she wins the title at All In.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Kevin Ku

Ku tries a crosssbody out of being shot off the ropes and Hobbs just tosses him. Then he takes it to him, hitting a back body drop from the top rope. Big shots to the front and back of his head right into a huge clothesline.

Hobbs takes the straps down and hits the spinebuster off the ropes. That’ll do.

Powerhouse Hobbs def. Kevin Ku via pinfall

Hobbs kicks him in the back and locks on the camel clutch, screaming “where’s Miro?!?”

Up on the big screen, Miro says he used to rely on a book for guidance and he too used to surround himself with distractions. But now he walks alone, no matter how much his heart breaks for her.

He’s not here to feud with his god though. At All Out, redemption is coming for Hobbs and it’s going to piss on his cold, dead body. “I am godless but I know you are not — because you pray to me now.”

Main event up next.

Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin

It’s almost hard to believe Christian is 49-years-old wrestling matches like this.

Lock up and they trade holds. Christian gets the best of him and they go into the heel working over the babyface to get the heat on. Allin gets a huge bump in the corner, flipping himself into the bottom rope.

Commercial break.

Back from break and I missed a lot due to internet issues. Thankfully, it’s back in time to catch Allin hitting a dropkick from the top rope to the outside on Christian sitting in a chair. They struggle to make it back into the ring but do so. Allin up top again. Christian slides under the bottom rope to avoid further punishment.

Darby goes for the Coffin Drop anyway and Luchasaurus moves Christian. Allin hits HARD on the apron.

That looked and sounded brutal.

They show multiple replays to really drive it home. Christian gets back in and tries for a cover but they’re close enough to the ropes for Darby to get his leg on the lower rope to break it.

“This is awesome” chants quickly follow.

Allin gets out of the way of Christian rushing him in the corner. He puts Christian up top and goes up to meet him. Christian fights him off, then a Sunset Flip. Then a huge spear but he only gets two on that.

Christian goes for the Unprettier but Allin reverses, jumps over, gets the legs up, and manages to score the three count. That’ll do.

Darby Allin def. Christian Cage via pinfall

Schiavone in the ring to interview Allin. He talks about Darby getting his shot for the TNT championship at All Out in two weeks.

Darby doesn’t say anything, instead pointing to Luchasaurus and waving him into the ring. Christian, naturally, attacks from behind and Luchasaurus hits the ring to do his thing. They put Allin down and then Luchasaurus forces Schiavone to count while Christian pins Allin. Then they force him to announce that Christian is the winner and still the champion.


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