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Sting & Darby Allin attack AR Fox at local indie show

When Sting appeared in his Joker persona during AEW Dynamite, he left an ominous warning for AR Fox. “Fox, this is for you. You better have eyes in the back of your head 24/7 from this moment forward.”

Fox must have heard that as an idle threat with no bite. He was too excited dreaming about putting Sting in a coffin. Fox & Swerve Strickland are scheduled to wrestle Sting & Darby Allin in a coffin match at All In on August 27.

Well, it turns out that Sting wasn’t joking. The Icon and Allin showed up at a local indie show to ambush Fox. Fan footage was shot of Sting choking Fox with a baseball bat and Allin landing the Coffin Drop.

Here is a different camera angle of the incident.

This wasn’t just any random indie show. Sting and Allin invaded Fox’s home turf at WWA4 in Atlanta, where Fox is the head trainer of that wrestling school. That’s why the fans reacted with boos toward Sting and Allin once the initial rush of excitement wore off.

For what it’s worth, Allin commented, “Eyes in the back of your head foxxy!” Swerve’s response to the video was, “F#%@IN COWARDA!!!”

You got to love it when wrestling angles bleed over into the wilderness of regular life, such as Brody King pummeling Allin at San Diego Comic-Con.

How much does this incident increase your excitement for the coffin match at All In?

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