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Darby Allin: Within the last year the TNT title’s lost all its value

Darby Allin is embroiled in a feud with Swerve Strickland and AR Fox on Dynamite that’s headed toward a Coffin Match with Sting by his side at All In next Sunday (Aug. 27).

Eliminating Strickland to win a Battle Royal for a TNT title shot was part of that program, and Allin’s shot at the belt currently held by Luchasaurus (officially) and Christian Cage (literally, and for all practical purposes) will take place the Sunday after All In, at Sept. 3’s All Out.

As he gets ready to team with Nick Wayne against two of Swerve’s Mogul Embassy teammates (Gates of Agony’s Kaun & Toa Liona) tonight on Dynamite, Darby’s building to his TNT championship match in Chicago with this promo from AEW Control Center:

“I’m gonna be honest when I say this — to me, the TNT championship used to mean something, and within the last year, I’ve felt like it lost all its value.

“I remember the people that used to hold it. Guys like Cody, guys like Brodie Lee, myself. Back then, it meant something. Now, it’s like a hot potato. Honestly, I feel like it’s lost it’s value.

“So when I say at All Out, I want to put some respect back on that championship’s name, I mean every word of that. Because you’ve got a guy like Christian Cage, for example, walking around saying he’s the champion. Like, come on, man. We’re not stupid. You’re wasting people’ time. That championship means more than that.

“Then you’ve got a dinosaur as the champion that never defends it? What’re we doing here? What are we doing here?

“So I put out the challenge to Christian Cage. Enough talking. If you think you’re a champion, start acting like a champion — and I’m gonna kick your ass. At All Out, I’m gonna take that championship. I don’t care if you think it’s yours. I don’t care if you think it’s Luchasaurus’ — it doesn’t matter. Because at All Out, it’s gonna be mine.

“And I’m gonna put respect back on that championship’s name.”

To paraphrase the star of Collision, tell me when Darby’s telling lies.

Allin’s had two runs with the TNT belt, and his second came after the “hot potato”-ing he mentions was in full swing. But his 2020-2021 one was similar to Orange Cassidy’s current International championship reign where even when there was little doubt about the outcome of a defense, the match itself was worth watching.

Could we in for something similar after All Out?

Let us know what you think of Darby’s promo and prospects. Here’s Control Center in its entirety, starting with a good video package for Cassidy’s defense against Wheeler Yuta tonight:

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