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Chris Jericho reveals unused plan for a match with Mike Tyson in AEW

All Elite Wrestling

In 2020, Mike Tyson made a few appearances for AEW. His last one that year ended with a showdown between the boxing legend & his combat sports friends and Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. On multiple occasions Jericho said it was supposed to lead to a match with Iron Mike, but the next time Tyson returned to AEW it was as a Jericho ally.

The topic of what AEW had planned for a Jericho vs. Tyson program came up again recently when Le Champion was a guest on The AEW-some Pod (transcription courtesy Fightful):

“Mike Tyson and I almost had a cinematic match. We were this close to doing it, Tyson vs. Jericho in a New York Street Fight, but we couldn’t make it happen. We really were deep in negotiations too. We were going to do it in New York in an alley, like an alley fight, basically. Think They Live with Tyson and Jericho. That’s what I had in mind.”

If you don’t get Jericho’s point of reference, well, you need to see the John Carpenter classic pronto. If you want a refresher, here’s the five-plus minute Roddy Piper/Keith David scene in question (spoilers for a 35 year old movie, obviously):

We can only hope that after Jericho got Tyson to put on the glasses, they would have discovered that AEW and television executives had been aliens all along.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem we’ll ever get to see Chris’ creative vision for this one come to life. Tyson made it pretty clear he’s Team WWE earlier this year.

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