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FTR is keeping the dream of teaming with CM Punk against The Elite alive

All Elite Wrestling

We know FTR will defend their AEW World Tag titles against The Young Bucks at All In later this month. On screen, that trilogy match is being promoted as a way to determine the best tag team of all-time.

Behind-the-scenes, it’s also pretty significant as it will be the first time since the infamous Brawl Out incident last September where friends of CM Punk will share the ring with members of The Elite.

In the build-up to Punk’s return to the company earlier this summer, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler (especially Dax) were vocal proponents of not only bringing him back, but bringing him back for a big money match pitting them & Punk against The Bucks & Kenny Omega. While everyone seems okay with the current soft roster split solution of Punk on Saturday night Collision & The Elite on Wednesday night Dynamite, we’ve repeatedly heard there’s been little progress toward getting the two sides in a room — let alone a ring — together.

That doesn’t mean FTR have given up on what would be one of the biggest six-man matches in history. Asked about it during an interview with DAZN, they responded:

Harwood: If the cards fall into place and the story the is right and the opportunity calls for it — hell yeah, we can do it.

Wheeler: It’s hard to know with all the moving parts that are involved, and I don’t want to speak for anybody. But I think wrestling is all about making the most money for yourselves, and the company you work for, and I think that everybody here all agrees with that. The more time passes, the more likely I think it is that we can get to there. But you never really know, and I don’t want to say yes — but I hope so.

Let us know if you’re keeping hope alive for CMFTR vs. The Elite somewhere down the line. In the meantime, get ready for Punk, Dax & Cash challenging House of Black for the AEW Trios titles tomorrow night (Aug. 11) on Collision.

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