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AEW mini documentary will make you a fan of Ethan Page

Ethan Page appears to be in middle of a character shift from heel to babyface. Since Page’s contract is now controlled by Matt Hardy, the focus has been trying to turn Page into a better man. We haven’t really seen exploration of that on screen in vignettes, but we have seen the evidence with recent examples of Page being a jam-up guy. AEW produced a mini documentary that sheds light on Page’s story in real life, and it will make you a fan of All Ego.

Page has been promoting wrestling events since the age of 16 in Alpha-1 Wrestling. It was tough to gain wider exposure from the wresting scene in the Hamilton area of Canada, so Page prided himself in giving others opportunities from matches to refereeing to setting up the ring.

Page was emotional when discussing his family in attendance for Collision in Hamilton. Page lost to MJF in a world title match, but he doesn’t view it as coming up short. His family saw him refuse to quit. That demonstrates that he has the will to be champion. It broke Page’s heart to lose in front of his daughter, but he made a promise that he will win gold in AEW. Page closed with, “I don’t plan on breaking that fucking promise.”

That documentary was short and sweet. It connected on an emotional level and a competitive level. The conviction in his final line makes me a believer. Ethan Page will be a champion in AEW.

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