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Collision guy Andrade stirs the AEW brand split pot

All Elite Wrestling

Andrade El Ídolo returned to AEW last month, one of several stars tied to the company’s new Saturday night Collision.

Like the guy who gets top billing on Collision, CM Punk, Andrade is also someone who’s had issues with some of the stars on AEW’s other two-hour show, Dynamite. So when he shares his thoughts on a hard roster split, or the dynamic in the locker room, they get a little more scrutiny. Likewise, when Andrade follows Dax Harwood’s lead in responding to the conversation around Collision’s early ratings performance, it’s his comments on competition being good for the company and a brand-specific world title that catch our eye...

“I respect all the talent of all the AEW brands, remember if they respect me, they will always receive my respect. because they all work hard to earn a place. I am AEW collision and I love the looker room, we have only 3 weeks on television and we have achieved in 3 weeks what other brands have in 4 or less years, I love wrestling like all of you and the more competition we have, all this is better for the company, but I would love that the people who were in charge of preparing the first AEW Collision show in Chicago, those people are in charge of doing all the shows week after week. We have a lot of top talent, you will never imagine ANDRADE THE IDOL VS SAMOE JOE, CM PUNK, FTR, MIRO DAY, SCORPION, THE BULLET, RICKY STARKS, HOBBS, and more talent that I could forget. Thunder Rosa’s comeback will be great imagine her beating up julia hart and getting my mask back and maybe having our own championship that CM PUNK never lost.”

Have SAMOE JOE, SCORPION, THE BULLET* & team achieved in three weeks what Dynamite’s done in just under four? Do you want to see Punk & Collision get their own belt? How impressed are you by those Saturday night DVR numbers?

Chime in below, Cagesiders.

* I figured out THE BULLET was Bullet Club Gold pretty quickly, but it took me a bit to remember Scorpio Sky even though AEW’s been reminding us about his for the past few weeks. Instead, I spent a minute thinking “Sting hasn’t been on Collision, has he?”

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