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Thunder Rosa provides an update on her recovery timeline as she approaches one year on the injured list

Thunder Rosa on YouTube

Former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa has not wrestled since early August 2022, which means we’re coming up on one full year that she’s been sidelined with a back injury.

Despite her long absence from the ring, AEW has used her name while promoting its new Collision show on Saturday nights, leading many folks to speculate she will be returning to action fairly soon.

We now have a more specific update on her recovery timeline, courtesy of Rosa’s latest vlog on YouTube. At the end of the video, Rosa includes a short conversation with AEW doctor Michael Sampson. Here is how Sampson explains her current health status, courtesy of F4WOnline’s transcription:

“Looking at the most recent MRIs and all the conservative stuff we’ve done in the past, you’re progressing well right now. You do still have all the pathology in your lower back, L4, L5. I think that with our progression, pushing it to the limit but taking it sequentially, so going week to week to week, we push a little bit more. If we hit a roadblock, we back it up a step. But I think over the next four to six weeks, we’ll see how it’s going.”

Sampson and Rosa are both encouraged by how the last two weeks of her recovery have gone:

“You’ve been progressing very well, pain free. I think if we continued to do that, we know where we stand, gets you stronger, gets you more ring ready. As long as you don’t have that pain, we’re good. We still have to protect your back, the pathology has not gone away. It’s just a matter of, we’re treating it so that it helps you improve yet also protects you from not worsening. So, that’s where we’re at with it.”

Rosa throws out a a timeline of six more weeks for recovery, and Sampson agrees that’s a reasonable goal.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Are you looking forward to Rosa’s eventual return to an AEW ring after such a long time away?

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