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Darby Allin says spots like Dynamite ladder dive are all Sting’s idea

He also said his tag partner is doing great after busting his mouth up on last Wednesday’s show.

All Elite Wrestling

Sting’s AEW run has been featured several things we never though we’d see a 60+ year old pro wrestler do... and that’s without even getting into that the Impact & WWE Hall of Famer retired back in 2016 after he was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis.

His work at Forbidden Door and the following episode of Dynamite led to a lot of discussion about whether we should be seeing some of the things Sting has been doing in and around AEW rings over the past few years. In particular, a spot during last Wednesday’s (June 28) main event which saw the Stinger attempt to dive from a ladder in the ring onto Sammy Guevara as he was draped across a pair of tables on the floor generated a lot of conversation. It may have even if everything had gone smoothly, but the volume on the discussion was turned up by the fact it didn’t, leaving The Icon with a loose tooth and needing stitches in his mouth.

Asked about that spot today (July 5) on Sirius XM’s Busted Open, Darby Allin — Sting’s mentee & friend who routinely plays a daredevil in wrestling and out in the world — said his partner is doing well. He also said Sting is the one pushing to do spots like last week’s:

“He’s [Sting] actually doing great. We talked the day after [the ladder spot on Dynamite] and he said he was feeling great which is awesome because I pulled him aside after that match and said, ‘Yo, just be honest with me, how you feeling? Not just your mouth but your neck, every single thing about your body’ because people forget, he kind of retired in 2014, you know? When he took a buckle bomb, people kind of think that, you know?

“So for him to be going as hard and trust me when I say this, it’s none of my ideas, it’s all him. He’s just like, ‘All right, there’s a ladder here tonight, I’ll jump off it’ and a lot of people think it’s me being kind of being the bad influence but nah, it’s him. He’s got that hunger, he’s got that want to give the fans something and he’s feeling great and I’m stoked.”

A big reason why Sting’s been successful for going on four decades is because of that desire to give something to the fans. Should someone else be reining that desire in as he approaches Social Security retirement age? Personally, as someone who’s never had any wrestling training or worked a match, I’m inclined to let the professionals make those calls.

But one person’s opinion has never stopped the internet from debating anything, so we expect that will continue. In the meantime, we’re just glad Sting’s feeling good.

H/t Post Wrestling

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