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MJF endorsed FTR after AEW Collision went off the air

FTR, the current babyface AEW tag team champions, were getting booed quite a bit the past couple weeks as they prepared to defend those titles against arguably the most beloved pairing of stars in some time in Adam Cole and AEW World Champion MJF. It isn’t so much that people dislike FTR, or that they did anything to deserve it, it’s just that’s how well MJF and Cole have done getting their odd couple act over.

True friends and all that.

Naturally, the two teams tore the house down in their title match in the main event of AEW Collision this week, with FTR coming out ahead after Dax Harwood pinned MJF. The show ended with MJF teasing turning on Cole but ultimately deciding to hug it out and remain friends despite coming up short in their quest to win gold together.

Now, we get to see what happened after the show went off the air.


“There was a group, it was called The Pinnacle and I think it’s fair to say we had, as a group, a whole lot left more in the tank. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the way we wanted to and that was because at the time I was too arrogant to realize just how great FTR is.

“Now I’ll make no bones about it. Me and Cash, at one point in time you and I got along. Me and you (Dax), eh. But I gotta tell you, after tonight, I gotta say sure, we got some differences — I’m a New York yuppie, you’re real Southern, right? You hit hard, I do eye pokes. I’m old money, your new money. But if there’s one thing that I can say we have in common, it’s that we love professional wrestling. And tonight, whether it means anything to you or not, the AEW world champ wanted to say to you and you now more than ever it is apparent you two are the best tag team in the world.

“And I don’t want to hear about Collision vs. Dynamite, I don’t want to hear about Kaboomers vs. Colliders, because at the end of the day what this sport needed was an alternative and that is why this company was made. The way I see it we are all on team AEW … for now, until 2024 but we can talk about that later.”

That’s one hell of an endorsement, huh?

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