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The best thing Samoa Joe does, but better

Comedy bits in pro wrestling are often overdone by default. It’s a goofy business, in many ways, and it’s hard to straddle that sweet spot between reality and the inherent silliness of the actual act of pretending to fight each other.

Having said all that, there are some things that never cease to make me laugh but still make sense within the context of a wrestling match without making the whole enterprise seem ridiculous. Samoa Joe does one of those things on a routine basis.

Here’s a tweet showcasing exactly that thing through the years:

That is, without a doubt, the best thing Joe does.

That brings us to Collision this week and Joe working a match against Gravity, a high flyer who was pretending to be doing a space walk during the bout. Like I said, over the top goofiness. Joe, responded to it by doing this:

That man gets it. He’s a true gem.

Anyway, here are all the videos from this week’s episode of Collision:

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