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Andrade pushes Julia Hart off a ladder to win back his mask

Andrade El Ídolo’s first storyline after returning to AEW last month involved House of Black stealing his precious mask. On tonight’s (July 29) episode of Collision, Andrade finally had a chance to win back his prized possession. All he had to do was climb a ladder and grab it before Buddy Matthews did in the opening match of the show.

Andrade was willing to do whatever it took to win back his mask, including this moonsault off a ladder:

Matthews hung in there, even after the ringside doc had to readjust his shoulder. He paid no mind to the banned moves list by buckle bombing Andrade during the commercial break. However, Andrade one-upped him later on with this crazy sunset flip powerbomb onto the ladder:

The finish saw Julia Hart introduce handcuffs to the fight. Andrade was briefly cuffed to the rope, but he managed to escape and handcuff Buddy in his place. As Andrade went to climb the ladder, Hart jumped on his back, while Matthews used bolt cutters to free himself from the handcuffs.

Andrade had to fight off both Hart and Buddy on the ladder, so that’s exactly what he did. He capped it off by pushing Julia off the ladder, sending her crashing through Buddy Matthews and a table.

And just like that, Andrade has his mask back.

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