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AEW Collision results, live blog (July 29, 2023): MJF & Adam Cole vs. FTR

AEW’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (July 8) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Tonight, Blind Eliminator Tournament winners MJF & Adam Cole challenge FTR for the AEW Tag titles! Plus, Andrade El Ídolo & House of Black’s Buddy Murphy fight for Andrade’s mask in a Ladder Match, The Gunns will try to get over their dad’s retirement when they team with their Bullet Club Gold partner Juice Robinson to take on AAA Mega Champion El Hijo Del Vikingo, Action Andretti & Darius Martin, we’ll hear from CM Punk after his latest loss to Ricky Starks, Samoa Joe will battle Gravity, Mercedes Martinez takes on Kiera Hogan ... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


You know the deal.

Your typical pre-show promos, this time with Darby Allin, then Adam Cole & MJF, then FTR.

“Saturday night is alright for fighting.”

Thanks, Elton!

Commentary is still Ian Riccaboni with Nigel McGuinness. The crowd opens the show chanting “AEW.”

Up first is the ladder match for Andrade’s mask.

Buddy Matthews vs. Andrade El Idolo

AEW promoted its social media before the match started and they had the “X” logo instead of the bird. Twitter is dead. Long live Twitter.

Meanwhile, Andrade and Buddy exchange chops to start the match. Andrade clotheslines him to the outside, then jumps out after him. He climbs the ladder on the outside and uses it to hit a big moonsault to a big pop and a quick “holy shit” chant.

Andrade puts a few ladders into the ring, setting up two of them in the corners. He tries to send Buddy into one but gets reversed and Matthews stomps his foot before Andrade ends up sending him over into the ladder anyway. Then it’s into Three Amigos, but Buddy cuts him off after the second.

Buddy tries to get control but when he runs at Andrade he gets sent into the ladder on the other side of the ring. That’s two ladder bumps for him now.

Finally, he returns fire, picking one up and throwing it at El Idolo’s head when he was picking up steam rushing across the ring.

Buddy set up a ladder in the ring but then went to the outside favoring his arm and went to the doctor ringside. It appeared they were looking at it and Buddy was having issues with it bad when they cut to commercial and the picture-in-picture gimmick. You could see the doctor yank Buddy’s arm like he was trying to set it.

He climbed back into the ring to continue the match.

Back from break and Andrade ate a shot from the ladder. Commentary informs us Dr. Sampson put Buddy’s shoulder back in place and he’s been deemed fit to continue the match. He looks okay.

Buddy grabs a ladder from under the ring and bridges it from the ring to the announcer’s table. Then he sent Andrade into it. Back on the apron and Buddy tries for a powerbomb but Andrade fights him off. Big pop up knee from Buddy. Andrade lifts him up for a fireman’s carry but Matthews slides off into the ring. They trade punches.

Andrade spear attempt is caught and they just trade positions, with El Idolo inside and Buddy on the apron. Then he sets up and gets the spear through the ropes with both landing on the bridged ladder.

It looked like it hurt Andrade worse than Buddy!

Sure enough, Andrade kept selling on the ladder while Matthews got a table from under the ring and set it up in the corner. No one has even tried to go for the mask yet.

Right as I say that, Buddy starts on his way up on a ladder clearly too small to make it there. Naturally, Andrade knocks him off and knees him onto another bridged ladder on the other side of the ring, this one bridged from the ring to another, way bigger ladder.

While Buddy lay there, Andrade climbed all the way up it. When he got to the top, Buddy was up and climbing to meet him. They traded blows. Andrade then did a sunset flip powerbomb through the bridged ladder.

Holy shit!

Andrade climbed slowly back into the ring and even more slowly went up the smaller ladder. Buddy followed behind, also lagging. But he got there, and swung Andrade off and down onto his waiting knee.


Cut to the outside and Julia Hart had a pair of handcuffs in her hands. Buddy rolled Andrade over to her and they handcuffed Andrade to the ring post. Buddy tried to attack him with a chair but he kicked it back into his face. While Julia went to check on him, she dropped the key to the handcuffs and Andrade got himself uncuffed.

“Way to go, Julia,” someone from the crowd said.

Matthews got back in and a struggle ensued in the corner. Andrade got the better of it and managed to handcuff Buddy before throwing the key into the crowd. Naturally, Hart had bolt cutters and was working hard to get Buddy free. When it looked like she wouldn’t make it in time, she went and climbed on top of Andrade’s back and he just kept climbing anyway.

Finally, Buddy got free and went up top to meet them there. He got knocked down and Julia managed to climb over to the other side of the ladder, where she slapped Andrade multiple times. He responded by pushing her off into Buddy and through the table set up earlier.

That left him alone up top to grab the mask.

Andrade El Idolo def. Buddy Matthews to win his mask back

They quickly go backstage to Tony Schiavone talking to Miro.

He asks about Miro mentioning “a battle coming soon.” Before Miro can respond, Aaron Solo attacks him. Miro deals with the attack and then screams “Schiavone!”

Darby Allin vs. Minoru Suzuki


Allin was visibly shook when that music hit.

Before Suzuki even got in the ring, Allin used himself as a missile to dive at him. Then he set up a chair on the outside, punched Suzuki into it, and then hit a running dropkick off the apron.

Finally, they got in the ring and started the match proper, with Allin going for a pin right away and only getting a one count.

Suzuki sat up pissed off.

Darby started wailing on him and doing zero damage. When Suzuki returned fire, one punch put Allin on his ass. He took control from there, throwing Darby around a bit. He got a two count after a snapmere and a kick to the chest. He ripped the wrap off Allin had on his ribs and continued going to work into a commercial break.

Back from break and Suzuki is choking Allin with his own wrap. The extended beating continued.

Darby finally got to throw another one and he unwrapped to slap Suzuki’s chest. Minoru responded by laughing and delivering his own slap, which knocked Darby down. He got back up and came back with another. He got the same response. Allin pushed him and asked for his receipt. Again, he was knocked down but got back to his feet.

Suzuki put his hands behind his back this time, so Darby hit him with a combination into a sunset flip pinfall attempt that got two. Then it was his turn to go to work but in the corner he ran into a sleeper attempt, into a possible piledriver, and they just went back-and-forth getting in and out of everything.

Finally, Darby had him down on the mat and went up for the Coffin Drop. He came down into the sleeper but rolled just enough to be on top of Suzuki and keep his shoulders down, so the referee counted the fall.

Darby Allin def. Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki complained to the referee after but to no avail.

Allin sat in the ring breathing heavy when Christian and Luchasaurus came on the big screen. Christian congratulated him and said it seems he’s ready for a TNT title shot but he’s got a lot of distractions right now and he can’t be distracted when he’s vying for that title. The title is more prestigious now than it’s ever been and Allin is no longer qualified to be challenging for it. Christian vows to send him back to Hot Topic. That got a laugh from the crowd.

Samoa Joe vs. Gravity

Gravity was moving in slo motion, like he was walking on the moon. Joe wasn’t pleased about this. He tried to attack but Gravity would move with quickness to avoid it and then go back into the slo mo stuff.

Joe just kicked him in the gut.

Gravity managed to get a hurricanrana and then an arm drag before Joe socked him in the mouth and elbowed him in the corner. Shoot off to the other side and a big forearm.

Gravity tried to get back in by flying off the corner and Joe did the spot where he just walks away from it, only this time he exaggerated it like Gravity was doing. Beautiful.

Then he hit some punches, then the musclebuster, and that was that.

Samoa Joe def. Gravity

We’re told we’ll hear from CM Punk after a commercial break.

Back from break and Tony Schiavone asks everyone to help welcome The Best in the World. He gets a big reaction. Many cheers in Hartford. Some boos could be heard as he was walking out. He was carrying the red bag with him.

Loud “CM PUNK” chants as he got in the ring wearing his “I”m a Collision guy” t-shirt.

The music cut out and some of the boos could be heard now. Schiavone asked him about what’s in the bag.

Punk said before he can talk about that, how is Hartford tonight? It’s been weeks of rotten travel and he just showed up two hours ago but he wants them to know he would never let them down. “I always make my towns and I show up for the people in the building.”

A lot of love for that.

There’s a lot going on in AEW, and there’s a lot going on on Collision that nobody wants to meet head on. No one wants to talk about it, but he’ll do so now.

First, he wants to mention Wembley Stadium. Is he going to be there? Will he be wrestling on the show?

“Well, maybe we’ll know by the end of the night but that has a lot to do with what’s in the bag. Ricky Starks has a lot to do with what’s in the bag.”

Then he mentions the two times Starks has beaten him, once in a singles and once in a tag. But he disappointed Punk by cheating the way he did.

Then he started opening the bag. He said it’s not so much that he’s been carrying it around it’s that he’s been left holding it. The thing about responsibility is that it sucks sometimes and you gotta wake up and do some things you don’t want to do because you’re the adult in the room.

So what’s in the bag?

The fans chanted for it while he did the Hulk Hogan ear gimmick.

“I think Ricky Starks is a cheater. I think he’s mistaken my kindness for weakness.” But he’s not being nice anymore.

So he reached into the bag.

The truth doesn’t care if you’re nice, and the truth doesn’t care if you’re right or wrong.

So he took the item out of the bag.

It’s the AEW world championship. He calls himself the champion, the rightful holder of it. He hasn’t been beaten for it and it still has the blood from when he beat Jon Moxley for it. It’s got his name on it and it’s got his blood on it.

Then he took out some black spray paint and put an X on it. He says that X has represented him since 1997 and he built his career on it. The X means he’s straight edge and straight edge means he’s better than you.

“This title is mine, it belongs on Collision, and this title is not stolen, unlike my catchphrase. I am the real world’s champion.”

Ricky Starks makes his way out to say hold on, and then says he wants to do his full entrance, so everyone act like he wasn’t just here.

Then he goes to the back, they play his music, and he actually did the full entrance.


Punk just stood in the ring with the title over his shoulder. He kept looking at his wrist like he was pressed for time.

Get on with it, Rick.

Starks grabs the mic and says Punk told a great story but to be honest, Ricky is “kind of sold on gold right now.” The way he sees it, regardless of how Punk feels about how he went about things, Punk would have done the same. “I bit you before he ever bit me, pal.”

Starks said he feels like he is owed the title on Punk’s shoulder because he’s beaten him not once but twice. He calls himself the real world champion and also the face of Collision. Punk again calls him a cheater. “Did you beat me twice or did the referee’s beat me?”

Starks says he could have Stevie Wonder as the ref and he would still beat Punk.

So the title should be his.

Punk says it sounds like Ricky wants a title shot. Starks says he deserves one.

The fans chant for both, the old dueling bit. Punk says if he’s going to wrestle him again, he’s going to need a special guest referee for it, considering what has happened before. Starks says he’s good with that because no one likes Punk and he has no friends. So wherever he has to go to dig someone up, maybe even Stamford, whoever it is, he doesn’t care because he’s going to win anyway. Punk said he anticipated this and already found someone from his past.

So does Ricky really want a shot? He confirms he does. Punk says “you got it” and they shake hands.

Schiavone says we have a match for the title next week.

Ricky goes to walk out and Punk says Schiavone should do the honors and tell him the special guest referee.

It’s Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat!

Ian Riccaboni makes sure to say Steamboat has never cheated once in his life, the most trusted athlete in history. He’s the perfect man for the job.

The Gunns & Juice Robinson vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo & Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Colten and Martin start us off. The action quickly breaks down into Andretti and Martin in going against both The Gunns and dropkicking them out of the ring to head into a commercial break.

Back from break and Colten was slamming Vikingo for a two count. He came back and got a double stomp, which sent Colten to the corner to tag his brother in. Andretti came in off a hot tag and ran wild on everyone.

They did a huge spot to the outside with Andretti and Martin shooting Vikingo off to the outside on top of Bullet Club Gold. Back in the ring and the babyfaces were rolling, with tandem offense to both Gunns. Finally, Colten stopped the bleeding by gaining an advantage. Austin was the legal man and he made it over for a tag.

They isolated Martin and hit the 3:10 to Yuma to end it.

The Gunns & Juice Robinson def. El Hijo Del Vikingo & Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Kiera Hogan vs. Mercedes Martinez

They shake hands before getting into it. Then, as Hogan is playing to the crowd, Martinez rushes over and surprises her with a kick. She gets a few licks in before Kiera uses some kicks to back her off. It doesn’t last long, as Mercedes slams her face first, then follows up with a brainbuster.

She only gets a one count off it.

Hogan chopped her down with kicks again but Martinez kept coming with big shots. She hit a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope for a two count.

Commercial break.

Back and we’re told Hogan took control while we were away. She rolls Mercedes up for a one count, then goes back to more kicks. She tries for a fishermen’s buster but gets countered and Martinez lays her out. Then she gets the Brass City Sleeper and Kiera taps.

Mercedes Martinez def. Kiera Hogan via submission

Martinez wouldn’t let the hold go, so Kris Statlander rushed into the ring to make the save. While doing so, she dropped her title and went to check on Hogan. Martinez then picked that title up and blasted her with it, standing over her to say she’s coming for the belt.

Willow Nightingale was next out to make the save for Statlander. Martinez finally backed off.

Main event time.

Tag Team Championship: FTR (c) vs. MJF & Adam Cole

The support for the challengers here is enough that FTR got booed as soon as their music hit. They did nothing different, fans just love them the Double Clothesline.

Once the music was off and everyone was in the ring, the fans hit the dueling chants. “Double Clothesline” on one side, and “FTR” on the other.

Adam Cole and Dax Harwood to start.


A quick back-and-forth, no one gaining the upper hand. More dueling chants. Another stalemate into the corner, and Harwood hits the first big shots of the match. Cash Wheeler tags in and he goes to work on Cole. After Adam made a quick comeback, they instantly teased the Double Clothesline but Dax got a hold of Cash when he was shot into the ropes.

A nice tease for it, though.

MJF got into the match for the first time next. He told the crowd he wants to bash Dax’s nuts. So the crowd started a “bash his nuts” chant. He tried to do just that but Harwood got out of the way in time.

They had their own back and forth, one that saw MJF take control when he faked a lower leg injury. He went to bash Dax’s nuts again but he got the ropes in time. They traded slaps to the face and both teams got in the ring to stare each other down and then start brawling as they go into a commercial break.

Back from break and FTR in firm control. MJF working hard to get the tag to Cole but FTR not allowing it. He jumps for it, gets caught, then hits a double DDT to get the crowd hyped and Cole slapping the turnbuckle for the tag. Again, though, he can’t get there.

FTR shot him off to try a double clothesline of their own but MJF rolled away and got the hot tag. Cole running wild as the fresh man.

Wheeler feeds, Cole with the Last Shot for a two count. Dax in, he gets two on a crossbody. Rolls through for another two count. Cole comes back with a superkick and he also gets two.

Crowd hyped, and MJF and Cole go for the Double Clothesline yet again. This time Dax just ducks under. We get to Wheeler and MJF trying to piledrive each other and just countering over and over again. Cole with superkicks to give MJF the edge, then a couple more just before the piledriver but even that only gets a two count, though a really close one.

Huge reaction for it.

Again, Cole and MJF call for the Double Clothesline. Again, they are thwarted. Dax pulling MJF out and leaving Cole in alone, and he gets isolated and FTR works him over a bit. He fights out of the corner. Superplex from Dax into the splash from Cash but that only gets two.

Cole tries to crawl for the tag and Harwood ends up staring down MJF and just lets the tag happen so he can scrap with the world champ. They trade blows. MJF sends him up and over and rolls him up for two. Harwood then hits the slingshot powerbomb and that gets two.

Everybody sells for a minute while “AEW” chants break out.

Back to the action and MJF gets Dax set up in the corner just right to bash his nuts, goes all the way across the ring, runs over and boots him to the gonads.

But that only gets two as well.

Cash in to make the save and Cole comes in to get after him. FTR get an edge to set up Cole for the Shatter Machine but MJF pushes him out of the way and goes in himself. He avoids it but gets rolled up and ... can’t beat the count.

FTR def. MJF & Adam Cole to retain the tag team championship

Cole shakes hands with the champs as a show of respect while MJF in the corner is visibly terribly upset. Cole goes to console him and MJF screams “I blew it! I blew it!” Cole could be heard saying “we blew it!”

Cole then goes to get the world championship and hands it to him. MJF still upset about losing the match. Cole tells him it’s okay, and reminds him again that he’s the world champion.

MJF gets up and Cole has his back turned. MJF grabs the title like he is going to hit Cole with it. Cole, sensing this, says “I knew it. Do what you gotta do.” And he holds his arms out.

MJF drops the title, throwing it to the side, though production missed that part.

Cole turns around.

Fans chant “hug it out.”

Cole goes across the ring and they embrace to a HUGE pop.

Cole raises his hand. MJF goes to the second rope and lifts the title up as Cole looks on smiling. They hug again. Cole goes to the corner and this time MJF grabs his arm and raises it.

The Double Clothesline lives on.


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