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Indie veteran shoots on ‘toxic’ AEW women’s locker room

AEW’s YouTube

LuFisto’s made her share of towns in a 25+ year pro wrestling career. That means the Quebec native (real name Genevieve Goulet) has been in plenty of locker rooms, and therefore probably knows a thing or two about good and bad wrestling company cultures.

With a recent uptick in talk about AEW’s women’s division — some of which was spurred by this fan sign from the July 26 Dynamite — LuFisto weighed in on theirs, which she experienced when she worked a trios match with Emi Sakura & The Bunny against Anna Jay, Ruby Soho & Skye Blue at an April 2022 Elevation taping.

She doesn’t think the blame should go to Tony Khan’s booking. His management skills, on the other hand...

Asked to name names by a follower, LuFisto replied:

“This is the first time I say something publicly after over a year. I’m not going to throw names on an app with limited characters. There are several details and a context to explain the whole story with accuracy, which I’ll do when the opportunity arises.”

She also quote-tweeted someone who said she’d ruined her chances of becoming an AEW employee to say:

“No worries. No need for such a toxic environment in my life.”

Many of the replies to LuFisto’s tweets are the kind of personal and professional attacks people — and especially women — on Twitter are all too familiar with, with some accusing her of sour grapes and/or being the problem during her brief visit to AEW.

To my knowledge, however, she’s never had a reputation as being difficult to work with. The fact she never had a run with a television company is historically likely due to her work in hardcore & intergender matches that used to be frowned upon even more than they are today, and now her age (43).

In recent years, she’s made headlines for calling out CZW for their exploitative marketing of their library of women’s matches, being honored by the National Assembly Of Quebec, and being inducted into the inaugural class of GCW’s Indie Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, AEW seems to have settled the drama that defined their women’s roster last year, but is still facing criticisms about booking & presentation.

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