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How many nails in a bed of nails, and other Blood & Guts fun facts

All Elite Wrestling

The Blood & Guts cage is an imposing structure. Have you ever wondered how much the cage weighed? Or how many nails were in for the bed of nails used in this year’s Blood & Guts? Being The Elite shed light on a few neat behind the scenes facts.

Brandon Cutler did some snooping with ring master Bob Rosen, and it was revealed that the cage weighs 13,262 pounds. It takes approximately ten hours to set up. The ring posts between the rings are welded together to prevent any movement and add extra support.

Cutler chatted with prop master Charlie Ramone about the bed of nails. That device of torture had 1,056 nails, over 200 screws, and weighs over 100 pounds.

BTE also showed Blood & Guts match highlights, the post-show handshake squashing beef between the Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club, and Kenny Omega pulling out thumb tacks of the back of his Golden Lovers teammate Kota Ibushi, who did a back bump on the tacks for the fun of it after the show. Omega sarcastically quipped how these hardcore matches are changing the Elite from comedy wrestlers to garbage wrestlers.

BTE’s YouTube

Still on the topic of Blood & Guts but not shown on BTE, my favorite behind the scenes photo from the chaos was Renee Paquette with Jon Moxley. It is a funny juxtaposition between Renee in clean white and Moxley a bloody, sweaty mess with a fork in his mouth.

Renee Paquette

Enjoy the full episode, “Blood and Guts” - Being The Elite Ep. 357.

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