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Jeff Hardy’s goals include AEW Tag titles, another CM Punk match

All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Hardy returned to AEW about three months ago, almost a year after he was suspended for his latest drug & alcohol-related arrest.

Since showing up on the April 12 Dynamite, Jeff and his older brother Matt have mostly appeared on Rampage — AEW’s hour-long, pre-taped show that airs late on Friday nights. Getting off the “B” show* is just one of the Charismatic Enigma’s goals for his latest chance, as he told Muscle Man Malcolm during a recent appearance at an independent show:

“I think it’s a constant battle to elevate myself back to the Dynamite show. “[Rampage] is kind of the B show, but we still want to go out there and give the people what they want – give them their money’s worth.

“Naturally, the ultimate goal for myself and Matt is the AEW World Tag Team Championships because we were so close before I got myself into the hell of a mess I got myself into. But now that I’m coming out of that, it’s within reach. We’re using the Rampage moments to hopefully, eventually create some huge Dynamite moments.”

Another item on Jeff’s wish list? Working with CM Punk again for the first time since their famous 2009 WWE World Heavyweight championship feud:

“What I’ve seen more than anything is there’s just a huge moment between me and CM Punk. The history alone... Ultimately, I can see us having another match. I think it’d be bizarre in the best of ways.”

Hardy also wouldn’t mind one more World title run, of course. But he’s aware the clock is ticking:

“I’m a big believer in something could happen before I get home tonight that could end my career. It’s just the little things that kill sometimes. I can’t put a number on it, but I feel like I’ll be rocking until I’m 50. I’m 45 now, so sometime between now and 50, I’m going to create many more moments.”

Let us know if you’re interested in seeing Jeff Hardy chase these goals. You can check out his entire chat with Muscle Man Malcolm here.

* Even before Collision we probably wouldn’t it rate it higher than “C”, but we get Jeff’s point.

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