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Brian Cage’s busy week included arm wrestling a shark, ROH title match, & funny victory promo

Brian Cage had a busy week showing his personality.

In an effort for synergy between Warner Bros. Discovery brands Shark Week and AEW, Cage battled a shark in a friendly contest of arm wrestling. Chompie’s strength surprised the Machine en route to victory.

Cage rebounded from that loss to successfully retain the ROH World Six-Man Championship alongside Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona. The Embassy were tested by Master Wato, Ryusuke Taguchi, & Leon Ruffin, but the champs trucked through to win at Death Before Dishonor (full PPV results).

Cage’s crowning gem this week was a funny promo backstage. The Machine was in the money and in the mood for shrimp cocktail. Cage mocked those that say he has no personality by citing Steiner match and strutting. Be sure to watch the promo all the way to the end.

AEW and ROH needs to start airing wild short-form promos from Cage and the Gates of Agony to get them over beyond being monster muscle in the ring. Arm wrestling a shark along with his quick song and dance show that Cage has more to offer than getting his shit in.

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