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This is what happens when you ambush Miro

Tonight’s (July 22) episode of AEW Collision featured Miro’s first match in the month of July. He was advertised to be “in action,” which are usually code words for a wrestling against a jobber or low card act.

The low card act in question turned out to be Nick Comoroto. However, Comoroto wasn’t going to just wait in the ring to be squashed. He made the strategic decision to ambush Miro from behind during his entrance:

Even so, Miro came back and beat the crap out of this jabroni in just a couple of minutes. Miro received a huge pop from the live audience for his Game Over submission finisher.

Don’t ever attack Miro from behind, folks, or you too will end up like poor Nick Comoroto.

With AEW fans fully behind Miro since he returned to television, who do you hope to see him fight next, Cagesiders?

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