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AEW Collision results, live blog (July 22, 2023): Trios title match

AEW’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (July 8) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Tonight House of Black put their AEW Trios championship on the line against The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass when Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Brody King take on Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn. We’ll also hear from Ricky Starks and CM Punk after Starks’ surprising (and not entirely ethical) Owen Hart Tournament win over Punk, and get FTR’s thoughts after their epic title defense over Bullet Club Gold last Saturday & before they defend the Tag belts Blind Eliminator Tournament winners Adam Cole & MJF next week. Plus, the Bang Bang Gang rebounds with a match against Action Andretti & Darius Martin, Taya Valkyrie & Skye Blue go one-on-one.. and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


The Meg just ended.

It’s colliding time.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass are winning the trios titles tonight.

Action Andretti and Darius Martin are going to defeat the Bang Bang Gang.

No they’re not, says the Bang Bang Gang.

Ricky Starks pulls up with the title he cheated to win, saying “tonight we’re celebrating in style, baby.”


Cue theme song.

We won’t have to wait to hear from Starks, as Tony Schiavone is in the ring telling us we are opening with a celebration and please welcome Absolute Ricky.

Fans cheered for him, despite how he won last week’s match.

A lot of pyro shooting off on the stage as he poses on the ropes. Commentary claimed it was six figures worth. It was definitely a lot. Plenty of clapping for him and then even a brief chant as his theme faded out.

Schiavone immediately brings up how Starks won the title. He doesn’t even have to speak. The fans break out in a “you deserve it” chant.

He speaks anyway: “I’ve never agreed more with a city in my life until tonight.”


Starks then references the bag he brought out with him, saying everyone is probably wondering what’s in it. He said nothing is in it, he just wanted to show off his new Louie bag he got after winning the Owen Hart Tournament.


He doesn’t regret how he defeated CM Punk, and he thinks everyone else would have done the same thing. He did it how he knows how, which is by any means necessary. Don’t talk to him about how he wins matches, talk to him about how stylish he is.

Schiavone asks about Starks blowing off Jushin Liger and he brushes that off, saying he meant no disrespect. Then he went into saying he doesn’t want to be a pillar and he’s been better than the four who have that title. Boos ring out and we quickly learn it’s because CM Punk is walking to the ring.

After letting it breathe for a minute, Punk says he’s not out here to rain on the parade. He’s not mad at all about what happened. Maybe a little bit at himself. Actually, he’s kind of proud of Starks.

That got more boos.

Punk can’t claim he hasn’t cheated at anything and he can’t stand here in New Jersey and pretend like this people have cheated at anything in their lives. Hey, maybe if the Devils had the wherewithal that Starks did they would have made it out of the first round.

That didn’t get as big a reaction as he probably hoped for.

Punk said he can live with what happened but can Starks? Can he live with knowing he can’t beat CM Punk without cheating? Punk then instantly left. Or started to.

Starks called out to him, saying his bag is as empty as the bag Punk has been carrying around. That got him to stop and angrily storm back to the ring.

Punk asks if he wants a shot at what’s in the bag. Or is he like Max and “you just don’t want me to have it. I am the real world’s champion.”

That brings out ... Christian and Luchasaurus?

Christian tells us they contractually obligated as the TNT champion to appear in front of the live audience tonight but this is taking too long for his liking. He doesn’t want to be here any longer than he has to, because they’re called “Dirty Jersey for a reason, you sweathogs.”

Christian asks Punk what kind of man carries around a championship he didn’t win.

While he’s carrying the title he didn’t win.

Love it.

Then he says he’s going to leave but remember “I ... we are the faces of TNT forever.”

Darby Allin comes rolling out behind him and takes the mic as he walks by. He gets in the ring and says he also hates the pillars talk. Anyone who rides or dies for the company is good with him, including his good friend CM Punk.

Then he turns his attention to Christian and Luchasaurus, saying he’s going to become champion at All Out and put respect back on that title. All he sees when he looks at Luchasaurus is a guy who took too many psychedelics and thinks he’s a dinosaur now.

He doesn’t want to talk anymore, though, so he proposes a tag match — Punk and Allin vs. Starks and Christian.

Before they can even answer, Schiavone tells us the match is official by way of Tony Khan, who told him over his earpiece. That will be the main event.

Commentary sends us to footage of something that happened earlier today.

Andrade El Idolo trying to walk into work. Security is there to say he can’t come into the building. He has to leave because management doesn’t want him here after what he did last week.

He gets a bit upset when someone touches him but ends up leaving peacefully.

This was to ensure there would be no issues in the trios title match.

Action Andretti vs. Bullet Club Gold

Jay White beats down Martin to start. Huge chops in the corner before tagging in Juice Robinson. Martin fights back with a dropkick and rushes to tag in Andretti, who comes in hot with a springboard tornado for two. He flies around a bit on Robinson before he’s kicked in his skull and White comes back in to punish him.

Andretti hit with a neckbreaker on the outside and the Gunns making fun of him standing over him. The crowd started chanting something about daddy not loving them, maybe? I couldn’t tell. Nigel McGuinness called them out as classless, saying they’re mad because they don’t know their daddies.

Commercial break.

Coming back and Andretti cradles Juice for two. He tries to get the tag, is briefly caught but escapes and gets to Martin, who runs wild on both White and Robinson. He hit a really cool two-for-one special with a DDT to White and death drop to Juice. Two count off a crossbody to White. Robinson tries to interfere, he gets a crossbody to the outside. Andretti tags in and tandem offense takes both the bad guys out.

They put White back in the ring and a shotgun dropkick into a German suplex gets two. Andretti uses kicks to get White down but when he tries to go up top, Robinson gets him tied up. White tags him in and he runs both Martin and Andretti over. Martin is out.

That leaves Andretti alone and the Bang Bang Gang go to work on him. Big punch, DDT, and it ends with White hitting the Blade Runner.

Bullet Club Gold def. Action Andretti & Darius Martin via pinfall

After the match, the Gunns hop the ring and put the boots to Andretti and Martin. The Bang Bang Gang celebrates in the ring.

They show video of Willow Nightingale winning the Owen Hart Tournament before also showing footage of her defeat at the main event of Death Before Dishonor. But history was made!

The Redeemer is up next.

Miro vs. Nick Comoroto

While Miro was making his entrance, Comoroto attacked from behind. He beat up on Miro all the way to the ring, and then slammed him for a two count. Big splash in the corner followed by shoulders to the gut. Shoot off to the other side and another splash. Miro reeling.

Shoot off and splash attempt for a third time fails. Miro counters with a suplex, then kicks him in the face before ripping his shirt off, kicking Comoroto in the back, and breaking him.

Miro def. Nick Comoroto via submission

Great response for Miro from the crowd, who popped big for the hulk up spot.

Special video looking at the legacy of the AEW Tag Team Champions FTR.

We’ll hear from them later.

Time for the trios title match now.

AEW Trios Championship: House of Black (c) vs. The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass

Max Caster started rapping about House of Black being his favorite category on YouPorn and Buddy Matthews looking nauseous when Buddy rushed him and kneed him in the face. The rest of House of Black attacked Anthony Bowens and Daddy Ass, and took firm control of everything before the match started. Once it did, Caster was in there alone while Bowens and Daddy Ass sold on the outside.

Malakai Black, Brody King, and Matthews just took turns beating Caster up. Finally, Bowens got up and to the apron where he got hype calling for the tag. Right when Max was about to get it, King ripped Bowens down. Daddy Ass took him out and then he started getting hype for the tag.

Caster finally got there and Daddy Ass ran wild like a House of Ass. For a few seconds at least.

King knocked him down with a Lariat and Malakai followed up with Black Mass for the three count.

House of Black def. The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass via pinfall to retain the Trios championship

After, Black and Matthews seemed to show a sign of respect to Daddy Ass. Commentary then wondered if that’s really what it was.

House of Black left.

In the ring, Daddy Ass started unlacing his boots. He took one off and the fans were yelling “noooo.” The Acclaimed looked confused.

Fans broke out into a “you still got it” chant. Daddy Ass looked emotional while shaking his head and unlacing his other boot.

Bowens called out to him, but got no response.

Instead, Daddy Ass got both boots off and then set them down in the middle of the ring. Then he pushed Bowens out of the way and walked to the back.

The Acclaimed looked devastated while retrieving his boots.

Commentary adopted their low serious voice while kicking it off to a video package for last night’s Royal Rampage.

Tony Schiavone in the ring introducing us to FTR.

Schiavone calls last week’s match one of the best we’ve seen but quickly turns to their upcoming title defense against MJF & Adam Cole. Cash Wheeler runs down a list of tag teams they have unfinished business with but first they get to wrestle MJF and Cole next week.

Fans liked the mention of their name.

He said he gets it, they like them right now, but do they trust MJF? “No!”

“Adam, listen to me. Do you trust Max? Because I don’t, from first hand experience.” He said he saw exactly how Max is and Adam shouldn’t trust him. Either way, they aren’t going to beat FTR next week “bay bay.”

Dax Harwood gets his time to talk and he brings up his dad making him get a job when other kids had parents giving them money. They made fun of him for having to get a job. He promised he would crack those kids in the face when he got the chance later but he never got the chance. Well, that’s a bit like what this feels like to him. MJF & Cole seem to be taking everything as a joke, including the tag team titles and the match for those titles.

He’s not okay with that. Fans love it, though, and they start chanting for the Double Clothesline. Harwood tries to play along with them but still make his point, that they were doing dancing numbers and that’s not cool. He’s broken so many bones and torn up his body so much during his career and he does it for a reason. So next week there will be no dance break and they’ll be delivering an ass kicking.

Top Guys out.

Video package for Blood & Guts from this past Wednesday.

That match was insane.

Skye Blue vs. Taya Valkyrie

Blue poked Taya to start, so Valkyrie pushes her down with a lot of force. Blue wraps her arms around Taya’s waist but gets thrown off anyway. Kicks into the corner. A big slap to the chest. Blue gets out and responded with a slap of her own. They run the ropes and a shoulder block puts Taya back in control.

Taya knocks Skye to the outside and then spears her once there. Back into the ring and goes to work with a punch. Shoot off, back elbow from Blue to comeback. Some forearms. She looked to be trying a bulldog but Taya just grabbed her up and slammed her.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Blue battles back. They both sell and get to their feet exchanging forearms. Some dirty boxing at the end of it with Taya pushing her off and Blue hitting the shotgun dropkick. Climb up knee, followed by a kick. She goes up top and hits a crossbody for two.

Taya makes a comeback and puts her down with a lariat. Then she put a submission on and kicked Skye’s face into the mat. That was it.

Taya Valkyrie def. Skye Blue via pinfall

After, she grabbed a mic and said she knows she hasn’t been doing the best lately but tonight she got the victory. And someone else who got a victory recently is Britt Baker. But Britt’s win was against “an extra, someone who is kind of not on our level.” She said it wasn’t special but how about they square up next week in Albany.

“Come play with me, Britt.”

They made the match official almost immediately, as revealed when they run down the card for Dynamite next week.

Main event time.

CM Punk & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks & Christian

Christian and Starks argued over who was going to start the match, with the referee finally starting a count and getting all the way up to nine before Starks finally jumped into the ring to get going with Punk.

Spot got over big with the crowd.

Punk went for a couple cradles and got two, but was all over Starks. Enough so that he immediately force tagged Christian, who initially was refusing to come in. So Punk grabbed him and threw him in and then went to work on him over to his corner, where he tagged back and forth with Allin while working over Christian’s arm. They made a whole thing of it, with Punk pointing to Darby for a tag and getting cheers. Then Allin would come in and point to Punk for a tag. So on and so forth.

Christian just sold his arm for all this.

Eventually, Allin stayed in and got two on a back slide. Christian used a kick to the gut and a slap to the face to finally get some offense in. Punk tagged himself in on the sly, though, and he used a kick to put Christian down.

Christian tried to rush to his corner to tag Starks in, but Ricky backed off from it. Christian got a headlock takeover, and THEN Starks wanted to tag in. So he did. They went to work on Punk together but he quickly put them both down and humiliated them in the process.

Allin and Punk got in and cleared the ring with clotheslines over the top on both. Then Punk took them out with a dive, and Allin hit the coffin drop to take them both out again.

Commercial break.

Christian and Starks in control coming back. They announce some breaking news, that Buddy Matthews v.s Andrade El Idolo will take place next week and it will be a ladder match with Andrade’s mask hanging above the ring.

Meanwhile, Starks working over Punk. Back body drop for two. Big chops. Punk works to try to get to Allin for the tag but can’t make it. The dueling chants start.

“Let’s go Ricky!”

“CM Punk!”

Starks stays in control and tags Christian in, who puts the boots to Punk. The camera pans over to the skybox and we see Scorpio Sky sitting alone with a spotlight on him, watching the match. He’s very interested in what he’s seeing.

Starks tags back in but Punk gets the swinging neckbreaker. Again he goes for Allin. Finally, he gets there. Darby goes off, climbs Christian for a stunner and a Code Red for two on Starks. One dive to Starks. Then he tried the same on the other side to Christian but he ran right into the brick wall that is Luchasaurus, who then picked him up and threw him through the announce desk.

And I mean through. Literally he chucked him into the side and he went through it and sold while hanging half out of it.

That allowed the heels to once again do their thing, as Starks went in on Allin back in the ring. Running snake eyes into a big lariat.

Commercial break.

Back in and Allin still getting beat up. Punk got involved with Christian and then a staredown with Luchasaurus on the outside, so he wasn’t there when Allin finally got to the corner for a tag. He rushed back but it was too late. He also got a cheap shot from Christian once he got back.

It was a good set up to keep building for the hot tag to Punk.

It came shortly after, and Starks and Christian both fed for him. A punch, a body slam, a dropkick. Punk hit the knees in the corners, then the bulldog into a clothesline combo on both. Another big but mixed reaction.

He blew a kiss into a lariat on Christian but that only got two. He went up and got a crossbody from the top but Christian rolled through and got a two count off that. Then it was Christian’s turn to go up top. Punk met him there and a back body drop. That set up perfectly for the flying elbow for a very close near fall.

Starks got in and traded blows with Punk. Starks looked to be getting the better of it when Punk threw a head kick to knock both of them down. Starks go to the corner but Christian wasn’t there. Allin was for Punk, however, and he came in. Starks went big with a spear in mid air and then a powerslam but only got two on it.

Up to the top rope and Starks went for a superplex but Allin managed to turn over and hit a monster death drop. Christian broke up the pinfall attempt and Punk got in to take him to the outside, where he hit the GTS. Back in the ring, Allin went up top but Luchasaurus knocked him down. Starks then grabbed him up but Allin rolled through for two. Then Starks rolled through that and got positioning so that he could once again grab the ropes. He did just that.

Ricky Starks & Christian def. CM Punk & Darby Allin via pinfall

Punk slapped the mat in anger that it happened again before tending to Allin.

They run down the card for next week.

Starks and Christian celebrate on the stage, trying to one up each other. Punk and Allin disappointed in the ring.


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