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I have no idea why Kota Ibushi threw himself into this pile of thumbtacks after Blood & Guts was over

The main event of last night’s (July 19) episode of AEW Dynamite was the annual Blood & Guts match. Hardcore violence was on full display once Jon Moxley entered the 5 vs. 5 double ring cage match and introduced a screwdriver, forks, and a bed of nails into the fray.

Blood & Guts was also the AEW debut of Kota Ibushi, who has barely wrestled since the end of 2021, primarily due to injury and health issues. As someone who has heard all about Ibushi for years but is unfamiliar with a lot of his work, I was curious to see what the hype was all about.

It turns out that Ibushi’s performance during Blood & Guts was nowhere near his peak level, and that’s understandable given his age (41 years old), ring rust, and everything he’s been going through. I didn’t really walk away from the match super excited to see more of him.

However, it’s this clip I saw of Kota after the match ended that instantly reinvigorated my curiosity.

Here he is during the post-match celebration, smashing thumbtacks towards his chest and then taking a back bump onto a pile of them, seemingly for no reason at all. Then he stands up, with a bunch of tacks stuck in his skin, and seems to be having a grand old time continuing his celebration of The Golden Elite’s victory.

Why did Kota Ibushi do this (without even wincing in pain)? Just for shits and giggles? I have no idea! And now I can’t wait to see what he does next.

What was your impression of Kota Ibushi’s debut performance for AEW at Blood & Guts, Cagesiders?

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