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The Golden Elite take advantage of Team BCC’s dysfunction to win Blood & Guts

The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club have been feuding since last fall (or you could also argue its roots go all the way to Jon Moxley/Kenny Omega feud from AEW’s first years, while also incorporating years & years of Japanese wrestling and Being The Elite lore).

It all came down to the July 19 Dynamite, where Mox, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta recruited Konosuke Takeshita & PAC to fight a reunited Golden Elite team of Omega, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page & the debuting Kota Ibushi in... BLOOD AND GUTS!

The men Taz called each team’s “cardio beasts”, Omega and Castagnoli, started things off for five minutes. The BCC had the entry advantage (won via an off-screen coin toss, which seeing as it almost always goes to the heel team — I’m fine with their just going with a simple explanation and moving on), which brought in PAC. Claudio and the Bastard seemed wary of each other, but they still dominated the three minutes until Hangman entered.

Omega was down when Moxley’s music hit, so it would have been three-on-one even if Mox hadn’t brought a fork with him. He did though, because Moxley, and proceeded to stab both his opponents with it. He brought one for Castagnoli, too.

He’d also dump a bucket full of broken glass into one of the rings before Nick Jackson entered. The younger Buck kicked Mox into it first, but his vest protected him. Which is more than could be said when Nick & Kenny were dropped into the glass, and had it driven into their chests.

The BCC remained in control when Yuta gave them the advantage, and a fired up Matt Jackson slowed their momentum a bit. But not by much. Especially when Takeshita joined (with his mentor Don Callis joining commentary) and Moxley bringing a LITERAL BED OF NAILS into play.

Omega quickly took a couple bumps onto that...

...and was having his hand driven into when is Golden Lovers’ partner entered. Yuta tried meeting him on the stage, but was quickly dispatched by Ibushi.

Matt Jackson went to continue the fight with Yuta on the ramp as “The Match Beyond” began in the ring. It wasn’t long before those two were on the roof of the cage, making everyone with any acrophobia watch through their eyes.

Having barely avoided being suplexed to the floor, Yuta climbed down. But the elder Buck stayed up there to make it rain thumbtacks onto one of the rings just as his brother and Page dropped Castagnoli and PAC onto them.

The Golden Elite were in control as crowd in Boston’s TD Garden chanted for tables (they got them) and fire (they didn’t, but Mox probably wanted to). All ten men were back in the cage as we came back from a last picture-in-picture commercial... and as several superplexes happened in sequence before PAC swung from the roof to stomp Hangman through a table.

Another series of offensive moves led to every member of The Golden Elite locked in a submission by Team BCC. Ibushi got free, and worked his way around the cage to free his teammates one by one.

The heels them focused on Omega, with Mox, Yuta & Takeshita landing attacks in the corner. But a Kenny evasion led to PAC taking Castagnoli’s offense, and that led to the the Bastard leaving the match (and probably set up Death Before Dishonor’s main event for Friday).

With the numbers already in their favor, the faces handcuffed Mox to a rope. At that point, Callis sensed defeat and pulled Takeshita out of the match.

Page lived up to his name, choking Yuta with a chain that was wrapped around the ropes for leverage. The cameras missed it, but the announcers then informed us that Mox verbally submitted to save his teammate.

Even if the cameras had caught it, having the good guys win with a two man advantage as one of the bad guys sacrifices their team for one person’s safety is a weird finish. But this is a match that’s all about doing whatever it takes to win, so The Golden Elite can’t be blamed for taking advantage of the way things broke for them.

We’ll see where things go from here.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s Blood & Guts episode of Dynamite here.

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