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Jungle Boy gets new music, and a new title

He did it ending HOOK’s undefeated streak with a cheap shot while the referee was down on the July 19 Dynamite.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry’s only entered an arena once since he turned heel by attacking HOOK at Forbidden Door, and when he did he instructed the AEW production team to cut off his popular entrance theme — Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy”. So it was surprising to hear it play at the start of July 19 Dynamite before Perry with his former tag partner for HOOK’s FTW title.

That was just a way to give us this vignette of Perry burying his old identity before he entered to Beethoven’s Fifth (for some reason) and dressed in black:

Whatever his name, gimmick, boot color or music, none of it mattered to a pissed off HOOK. The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil controlled the action in and out of the ring until a Jungle Boy connected with a draping DDT on the floor.

HOOK did beat the count, and managed to get a seven count off a head-and-arm suplex with referee Paul Turner down. Perry took advantage of the ref bump again when he cracked HOOK with the FTW title, and much to Taz’s chagrin, became the sixth ever FTW champion with a cocky cover.

In addition to losing his dad’s outlaw belt, HOOK also lost his undefeated streak in Boston. As Taz said afterwards, this is not over.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s Blood & Guts episode of Dynamite here.

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