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FTR and Bullet Club Gold just had the best match in the history of AEW Collision

Tonight’s (July 15) episode of Collision began with a two-out-of-three falls match between FTR and Bullet Club Gold for the AEW world tag team titles. This match came about after Jay White and Juice Robinson defeated the champs last week in a non-title bout, which was perhaps the best match in the very short history of Collision up to that point. Would these two teams top that match just one week later?

Yes, they absolutely did.

One big blow happened in the first fall when Juice rammed Dax Harwood shoulder-first into the ringpost. Jay White targeted the left shoulder from there, making it a weak point for Dax during the remainder of the bout.

The first fall went to Bullet Club Gold. After Dax took an extended beating, Cash made a flash tag, intending to go for the Shatter Machine finisher. But Dax was shoved out of the ring, leaving Cash in there to be double teamed and put away with White’s Blade Runner.

Cash then took a beating for a long while, including a DDT to the floor. Dax eventually made the hot tag, but was limited to striking with just his right arm. There were at least four exciting near falls from there, including this one:

FTR did seal the deal for the second fall with the Shatter Machine at around 8:46 pm ET, setting things up for the deciding third fall.

The fight spilled to the outside, with Dax and Jay sending each other crashing over the guardrail and onto the concrete floor. The AEW medical team checked out each man, but they refused to be forced out of the fight.

Harwood and White got up to their feet and pummeled each other, until Dax nailed Jay with a suplex on the concrete. FTR double suplexed Jay back over the guardrail onto the floor mat, and they did it to Juice as well. FTR crawled back into the ring hoping for the count out win, but Bullet Club Gold just barely made it back into the ring in time to continue the fight.

White got some boos from the Calgary crowd while loading up for Sweet Chin Music, and he pissed them off even more when he instead applied the Sharpshooter on Dax. Harwood broke up the hold by dragging himself over to the ropes.

The clock was ticking down, with only five minutes remaining of the match’s 60-minute time limit. Dax countered White’s Blade Runner into the Sharpshooter. Cash followed suit on Juice with his own Sharpshooter. The heels locked hands to prevent the tap out.

It didn’t take much longer for Dax to get Juice back in the Sharpshooter, leading to a tap out win and successful title defense.

FTR extended their hands to the challengers after the fight, but Jay White spit at their feet, and Bullet Club walked out. Hey, isn’t spitting banned now?

What a match, folks. Make sure you go out of your way to see this one, if you can somehow find time for it among the endless hours of wrestling content bombarding you this weekend.

What did you think of FTR vs. Bullet Club Gold two-out-of-three falls, Cagesiders?

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