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AEW Collision & Battle of the Belts VII results, live blog (July 15, 2023): CM Punk in the Owen final


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collisionand Battle of the Belts VII, airing live tonight (July 8) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is wrapping up their Canadian tour with a big show from the Calgary Stampede Saddledome in Owen Hart’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Which is fitting, as tonight we’ll see both finals in this year’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, with CM Punk taking on Ricky Starks while Ruby Soho battles Willow Nightingale for the Owen Cup and title. During Collision, FTR will also put their AEW Tag Team championship on the line against Bullet Club Gold. Then on Battle of the Belts, International champ Orange Cassidy’s latest defense will be against Lance Archer, Luchasaurus will give Shawn Spears a shot at the TNT title, and Taya Valkryie tries to take the AEW Women’s World championship away from Toni Storm.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision (and Battle of the Belts) live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Geno here.

Training Day, an absolute classic film, is wrapped up. It’s time for the grapplin’ game.

The standard promo opening with the likes of FTR, Bullet Club Gold, Willow Nightingale, Ruby Soho, Ricky Starks, and, of course, CM Punk.

Punk, for what it’s worth, mentioned tonight being the night we find out if Starks can “sink or swim.” Hey, didn’t Edge just do that with Grayson Waller recently?

Something about tonight being alright for fighting.


Let’s go!

They’re opening with the 2-out-of-3 Falls match for the tag team titles. This match will have a 60-minute time limit.

AEW Tag Team Championship: FTR (c) vs. Bullet Club Gold

Incredibly enough, they had stats to tell us FTR are 6-2 in 2-out-of-3 Falls matches. I wonder if that’s accurate. No reason to think it isn’t.

The absolute best part of the early match involved Dax Harwood eating two chops, deciding he didn’t want another, climbing into the ring and patiently waiting for Juice Robinson to follow so he could immediately chop him when he stood up. Juice sold it by falling straight back like it killed him. Incredible stuff. They worked a bit of everything in before the first fall, as commentary pointed out — some fast paced action, some brawling, some technical mastery. Jay White got in on the chop action once he got in, going ham on Dax with ‘em. Harwood got good and fed up with that and fired back with a few of his own. He even stopped selling just to get his own in, that’s how much he appeared to be fed up with it.

There were multiple near falls in the first part, but the heels struck first when they avoided the Shatter Machine after a sneak tag from Cash Wheeler and White hit the Blade Runner to get the three count.

Bullet Club Gold wins the first fall.

After a brief respite and a bit of offense for the good guys, the rulebreakers took control again and spent quite a bit of time working over Wheeler with Sentons, sleepers, big boots, a DDT on the outside floor. Juice tried to use that to get a countout while commentary wondered if that would work as the second and deciding fall. “We’d have to check the contract.”

Harwood ran wild on both guys after he finally got the hot tag. He got two counts on Robinson off a roll up and a springboard crossbody. The next closest near fall was off a brainbuster after a big backdrop to White while he was still entangled with Juice. That got a “this is awesome” chant going, a full 40 minutes into the show.

Huge pop for Dax even going for the Sharpshooter but Juice pushed him off and the heels regained control from there. White and Dax went back to chopping the daylights out of each other — Harwood’s chest is going to be sore as hell after this one — until they worked another monster near fall with Dax hitting a long sunset flip into bridging White into a big lariat. They did a tribute to Jay Briscoe with the Redneck Boogie and THAT only got two. A huge back and forth with bodies flying everywhere ensued and a big splash from Juice also only got two. Finally, FTR hit the Shatter Machine on Robinson and evened things up.

FTR wins the second fall.

They came back from a commercial break to madness, with everyone fighting inside and outside the ring. Dax and Jay spilled over out into the crowd by going over the barrier. The referee called for Harwood to be looked at, and then White. Commentary started using their soft voice like this was serious but it was hardly a bump at all. Strange. Naturally, they both got back up and started fighting it out again, much to the delight of the fans surrounding them.

They rewarded them with a “holy shit” chant after a suplex on the floor. That led to medical personnel again checking on White. They let him continue, so FTR hit him with a double suplex back over the barricade. Juice rushed them, so he took one too. At least these were on the ringside mats.

They did a very dramatic near count out after this, but the heels managed to get back in. They stood on opposite sides, holding each other up. The crowd showered them with applause as they met in the middle of the ring and took it in.

Eventually, they started fighting again, heading to a commercial break right as Cash and Juice went flying over the ropes in a scary looking bump onto the outside floor.

Back from break and White was in control of Harwood, so he taunted the crowd by tuning up the band. Instead of actually hitting Sweet Chin Music, he double legged Dax and then locked him in the Sharpshooter. Huge boos for that one. Dax fought to get to the ropes but was dragged back to the center. He fought hard enough to get back to them to break the hold to another big response.

They had the fans eating out of the palm of their hand a full hour into this show.

Hey, the time limit is getting awfully close here, in that case.

Huge back body drop from the top rope from Dax onto White. The referee went into another dramatic count while both men were down. He got up to six and they announced that five minutes remain in the match.

Dax tried to get a tag but Robinson had wrapped around and took Cash out. White got a two count and Nigel was outright rooting for them to win because they deserved it after this performance.

However, Dax kicked out and shortly after had White in the Sharpshooter. Then Cash got back in and he put the Sharpshooter on too. They were back to back with it and the heels held each other to avoid tapping. They let go of the holds with Dax holding his knee like he hurt it while taking the pad down and commentary selling like Cash was just too tired.

Juice came back in for more and Dax locked in the Sharpshooter again, with Nigel saying he took the pad down so he could lock the submission in even deeper. Finally, Robinson tapped.

FTR wins the third fall.

FTR def. Bullet Club Gold via submission to retain the AEW tag team titles

What a match.

After, FTR extended their hands to Bullet Club Gold. They were indecisive. The fans chanted “shake their hands.” Instead, White spit on the ground next to them. Juice appeared to crotch chop at the crowd on his way out, stumbling all the way.

It’s time for the women’s final to the Owen Hart Tournament.

Ruby Soho vs. Willow Nightingale

This is the second year in a row Soho has been in the final, this time against a former tag team partner. Ian Riccaboni cut a rhyme to Willow’s theme song, and Nigel called him “Vanilla Ass” for it. That’s what it sounded like, at least.

Willow was all smiles, yucking it up after a shoulder tackle and flexing and showing off. Triple suplex into the fisherman for a two count. Ruby used some knees through the ropes to take control, telling the camera she’s bringing the trophy home to The Outcasts.

Commercial break.

Willow making her comeback in the perfect time, as they come back from break. A series of clotheslines into chops and forearms in the corner. A powerslam gets two. They trade a series of pinfall attempts, getting two every time. Willow with a single leg crab and Ruby army crawls her way to the bottom rope for the break.

While there, she grabbed the can of spray paint. The ref saw the bag and went to get rid of it. While doing so, Ruby gave the can to Willow and made like it was her. The ref took it away and scolded her, and while she was off doing that Soho raked the eyes. Only got two, though.

She tried to distract the ref and use the spray paint again but Willow countered and hit the powerbomb for the three count.

Willow Nightingale def. Ruby Soho via pinfall to win the Owen Hart Tournament

She ran up the ramp to grab the Cup and was met by Tony Khan in a cowboy hat. He raised her hand and walked to the back before she put the rose in her mouth and put the trophy up over her head.

They showed QT Marshall trying to convince Powerhouse Hobbs he didn’t do anything on purpose last week.

“Remember, your word is your bond,” Hobbs told him as he slapped his chest and walked off.

Tag team action up next.

Kings of the Black Throne vs. Jobbers

This was just a squash match, as they didn’t even name the two wrestlers, or at least not that I heard. They got no offense in and were pinned shortly after Andrade El Idolo walked out to get his eyes on the match, with Malakai standing with one boot on his opponent.

Kings of the Black Throne def. Jobbers via pinfall

Andrade made like he was going to rush the ring after but a bunch of referees got in his way.

Main event time.

Ricky Starks vs. CM Punk

A pretty big response for Punk in Calgary, as they loudly chanted his name after his music cut off. You could hear some boos in there too, for what it’s worth. Someone held up a sign that said “Crying Manchild Phil.”

As the match got underway, there were dueling chants of “Let’s go Ricky” and “CM Punk.” It was VERY loud as the two men went back-and-forth in the ring. They traded side headlock takedowns and shoulder tackles.

Starks taunted him with the go to sleep signal.

They traded hip toss attempts and blocks before Punk finally sent Starks over the top rope and out of the ring. Then he just taunted him to get back in by holding the ropes open.

Commercial break.

Back from break and commentary says Jushin “Thunder” Liger is in the house tonight and will do the presentation after this match. Meanwhile, Starks got the edge on Punk and sent him out over the top ropes and taunted him to come back in. You get one, you give one and all that.

Punk got physical with a chop, kick to the back, and bodyslam. Then he sat on the top rope and paid homage to Bret Hart, which the fans actually didn’t seem to like, even those cheering for him. A big fella in the front row kept screaming into the ring. That guy is having a blast.

In an interesting turn, Punk hit a dropkick to take control again and there were only loud boos. There was even a fan with a “booo” sign he was holding up.

Commercial break.

Punk back in control back from break but he runs into a big boot. Punk avoids a DDT and attacks with a leg kick into a roll through for two. Starks reverses for his own near fall. Stalemate.

Punk into the running knee in the corner. Starks actually gets the DDT this time but it’s only good enough for two. He drags Punk to the middle and then goes up top. He tries for the flying elbow but Punk just smiles as he sits up to avoid it.

After another near fall for Punk, they run the ropes and hit the double cross body to put them both down. Sitting up and they exchange punches. Starks gets the better of it with a ton of short elbows. Shoots Punk into the corner but Punk jumps over him. Starks catches him and tries for an Alabama Slam but Punk manages to work his way into a piledriver. That gets two.

He sits up and calls for the GTS to end it. Starks fights out and hits the spear. Punk rolls out of the ring, though. He puts him back in and goes for it again but Punk grabs a guillotine. Starks has just enough length to put a toe on the rope to break it.

Punk gets a hurricanrana from up top but Starks rolls through. He gets two. Punk reverses into a two count for himself. Starks reverses that, decides to use the ropes for leverage, and gets the three count.

Ricky Starks def. CM Punk via pinfall

The referee made like he saw what happened but went along anyway. Strange.

Starks rushed up the ramp and grabbed the trophy from Liger, who came out to present it to him. Then he just ran to the back. Liger shrugged his shoulders and took a bow before also disappearing to the back.

Punk was shown in the ring still in shock over how it went down.

It’s time for the Battle of the Belts VII portion of the broadcast.

Before getting to all that, Punk is shown asking commentary about Starks having his arm on the ropes. They confirm as much. Then he walks over to the fans and hugs David Benoit while the fan right next to him is giving Punk the double bird.

Time to get to more matches.

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Lance Archer

Archer wastes no time rushing Cassidy and taking it to him. Cassidy tried to escape often and sometimes did but sometimes didn’t. One time he did, he ran into Jake “The Snake” Roberts, working the gimmick with the slow kicks and then putting his hands in his pockets.

Roberts made like he was going to punch him but never did. Instead, Archer came to the outside and threw him around some more. Then he started randomly beating up security guys. Cassidy kinda got in on it himself, as once he regained control he bodyslammed a security guard on top of Archer and then tried to bury him with a couple others too.

It didn’t work.

Commercial break.

Cassidy still getting tossed once we’re back. He was trying to block and counter but getting beat up pretty bad anyway. He dove at Archer’s knee to get him down, then kicked at it. Big boots to the face followed by a superkick. He called for the Orange Punch but Archer just caught it and hit two monster forearms. He got a two count. Cassidy went outside and Roberts set up for the DDT, which Calgary couldn’t wait for, but Archer ran out and stopped him cause he didn’t want to lose the match that way. This gave Cassidy an opening and he took Archer down by attacking the knees and then he did The Snake’s DDT while looking right at him.

A cool moment.

They took their time getting back into the ring, with the referee counting all the way. They were on the apron when Orange noticed the ref was at nine, so he punched Archer off and climbed back into the ring himself. That was it for the match.

Orange Cassidy def. Lance Archer via countout to retain the International championship

Commentary tells us history was just made because that was the first countout on Battle of the Belts. Meanwhile, medical personnel tend to Cassidy for his hand.

Tony Schiavone in the ring and he welcomes The Acclaimed with Billy Gunn.

Max’s rap mentioned Jonah Hill and therapy while also getting the cheap hometown pop mentioning Calgary, Flames, and everyone loving them.

Scissor me, Daddy Ass.

Schiavone told Daddy Ass his group his hot and Calgary is hot for The Acclaimed. The fans cheered loudly, which he took note of. He said they love him back, and also he really loves cowgirls. “That’s kind of Daddy Ass’s thing — well, it used to be.”

Then he said he plans to scissor everyone. Big pop for that.

He laughs while saying they actually have something to do, so he lets Max take over. Caster says he’s accepting QT Marshall’s challenge for Royal Rampage and he plans to burn them on the microphone and in the ring.

Anthony Bowens says they have another announcement. He says after two months of climbing up the trios division, they will be getting a rematch for the trios titles in his hometown on Collision next week. Last but not least, he asks for everyone to throw up the scissors. Director get a shot of it. Everyone loves them.

One more scissors for the road. Yes, Schiavone got in on it too.

Commercial break before the women’s championship match.

AEW Women’s Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

They trade big blows to start. Ruby Soho was out ringside with Storm, yelling at fans and generally carrying on. Storm took exception to getting chopped in the chest, and went to the outside multiple times over it.

They both went to the outside and Storm was throwing her around by her hair. This was a setup for Storm to scream “you suck” at Taya’s friends who were ringside in her hometown.

Commercial break.

Back from break and Taya with a big clothesline. Blue thunder for just one. She calls for a hip attack and that connects, then she stink faces Toni in the corner before pulling her out to the middle for a two count.

And then the broadcast cut out.

There appear to be some technical difficulties, as the screen was black for a number of seconds and then a commercial started airing.

When the commercial break ended, they were playing a match from last week. Then, they quickly cut to ringside back live and we’re told by commentary that there is a storm there and it caused some tech difficulties.

No finish was revealed for the women’s title match.

Instead they cut right to the presentation for the Owen Hart Tournament.

Tony Schiavone introduced the two winners, Willow Nightingale and Ricky Starks. Then, Dr. Martha Hart was out with Tony Khan.

Chants for “Owen” as she came out. She said it’s wonderful to be here in Calgary with Tony Khan and the AEW family. It’s great to conclude the tournaments in their own backyard. She gave a quick thanks to Chris Jericho, Jeff Jarrett, and her kids for all their support.

This is the first time they came to Calgary and what better time to do this than during the Calgary Stampede. But it’s especially meaningful to be only steps from where it all began, where Stu Hart launched Stampede Wrestling and launched many careers, including none other than Owen Hart.

She then congratulated Nightingale and Starks for their victories, presenting them with the belts and the trophies. “Carry them with pride because from now on you will forever represent the kingdom of Owen Hart.”

Big cheers as she gave them the titles and a hug. They took center stage to do a photo op.

Up next is the main event.

TNT Championship: Luchasaurus (c) vs. Shawn Spears

Before getting underway, Scorpio Sky was shown watching backstage.

Finally, we’re told by commentary that Toni Storm retained the women’s championship earlier and storms in the area knocked out satellites, causing a lot of folks to miss that. So there you go.

Luchasaurus in control of the match early as they go to commercial break.

Back and Spears trying to topple Luchasaurus with clotheslines. It takes him a minute but he finally does it. Commentary tells us they’ll stay with this match for as long as it takes, considering we’re already near the end of the hour.

They go to the outside and Spears runs after Christian Cage, chasing him until he catches up and rips his jacket off. That’s just an opening for the ref to be distracted long enough for Luchasaurus to choke slam him through a table on the outside. He drags Spears’ lifeless body back toward the ring, then picks him up to throw him inside, all while Christian was barking orders at him. “Enough of this, finish it now!”

Luchasaurus picked Spears up by his throat and went for the chokeslam but Spears rolled through for a two count. Luchasaurus got up quick and hit the chokeslam anyway but that also only got two.

Christian set up a chair in the corner, the same one Spears brought with him. Except when Luchasaurus rushed at Spears, he moved and sent the champ into the chair. That only got a two count. When he tried to follow up, Christian distracted him and Luchasaurus clubbed him in the back of the head. That was enough to end it.

Luchasaurus def. Shawn Spears via pinfall to retain the TNT championship

Christian celebrated with the title as he has been doing.

During the post-match, they quickly aired Toni Storm retaining her title with a piledriver over Taya Valkyrie.

Christian and Luchasaurus celebrated in the ring as they faded out.


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