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AEW Rampage live results, open thread (July 14, 2023): Athena vs. Willow Nightingale

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at its 10:00pm ET regular start time on TNT.

The latest edition of Rampage comes our way on tape from SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and choose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

Tonight’s show features Athena vs. Willow Nightingale in the semifinal round of the women’s Owen Hart tournament.

Also on the card: Trent Beretta vs. Lance Archer, Naturally Limitless vs. Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ang, Konosuke Takeshita in action, we’ll hear from Toni Storm and Dark Order, and more!

Come right back here at 10:00 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on the show below the line.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with a tag team match of Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes vs. Daddy Magic and Angelo Parker, with all four men in the ring and ready to go as the bell rings.
  • Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes defeat Daddy Magic & Angelo Parker. The heels generally dominated Dustin Rhodes until Keith Lee made the hot tag. Lee splashes both opponents in the corners and then tosses them into each other. He tosses Dustin at them too for good measure. Parker and Magic get back in it with a double DDT on Lee, but Dustin breaks up the pin. Lee catches Parker in a modified chokeslam. He then gets Daddy Magic up for the supernova finisher slam and pin fall win.
  • Here’s the latest episode of QTV. QT Marshall says everything with Powerhouse Hobbs is fine and he’ll straighten it all out tomorrow on Collision. Johnny TV says Daddy Ass should call the fire department because he and The Acclaimed got burned by Harley Cameron. TV challenges them to a trios match next week on Rampage.
  • Taya Valkyrie defeats Izzy McQueen in a very quick squash. One spear and curb stomp was enough to get the win.
  • AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm and Saraya come out to confront Valkyrie. Toni congratulates Taya on her win, especially because she’s been losing so many matches lately. Storm calls Taya a big loser because she’s Canadian. Taya says Toni should be more concerned about her championship. Taya issues a challenge for tomorrow at Battle of the Belts. Valkyrie taunts Toni about being afraid of her, until Storm finally gives in and accepts the title match.
  • HOOK says he’s done chasing Jack Perry and will give him a shot at the FTW title next week on Dynamite.
  • Lance Archer defeats Trent Beretta. Jake Roberts is ringside for Archer, while Chuck Taylor is ringside for Beretta. Trent makes a strategic mistake when he slaps Archer in the face. Trent moonsaults Lance and gives the people what they want by hugging Chuck. Jake Roberts with a short-arm clothesline on Trent while the ref is distracted. Back from commercial, Trent avoids the Blackout and piledrives Archer for a near fall. Lance laughs off some blows to the face and then body blocks Trent down to the mat. They trade running knee shots. Archer then delivers the Blackout, gives Trent a lariat, and pins him for the win.
  • Archer beats the shit out of Chuck Taylor after the match for good measure. He grabs a mic and challenges Orange Cassidy to an AEW International championship match for Battle of the Belts. If Cassidy doesn’t accept, both of his best friends will die. OC comes out and gets in the ring. Archer grabs him and wants to murder, but Jake Roberts talks sense into Lance, saying if Lance kills OC now, then he won’t be able to beat Cassidy for the title tomorrow.
  • Jeff Jarrett’s crew cut a wacky promo talking trash on Matt Hardy, Ethan Page, and Brother Zay ahead of Royal Rampage.
  • Konosuke Takeshita defeats Mentallo. As the match begins, Don Callis gets on the mic and hypes up the masked jobber as a childhood friend of Kenny Omega. Don asks the jobber if he knows the Japanese word for “kill.” Callis then says the word, and Takeshita strikes. Mentallo soon catches Konosuke with a dragon screw and suplex for a near fall. Takeshita catches Mentallo up top and hits him with a delayed vertical suplex crashing down to the mat. Konosuke is favoring his knee. He goes up top for a senton and it gets him the three count for the win.
  • The Dark Order is interviewed backstage. They are pissed off at Hangman Page for abandoning them after they helped him win the world title. They became soft because of Page, but last week’s win over The Elite was their resurrection. They aren’t wasting any more time on fake friends. So are you Dark Order, or are you not?
  • Mark Henry says it’s time for the main event of Athena vs. Willow Nightingale.
  • Willow Nightingale defeats Athena to advance to the final round of the women’s Owen Hart tournament. Athena catches Willow’s knee on the ropes early in the match and works it over. Later in the fight, Athena goes for a bodyslam but can’t get Willow completely over. Willow gets out of her grip and puts Athena down with the pounce and then a spinebuster for a near fall. Athena blocks the doctor bomb by biting Willow’s leg. Athena lays Willow out with a running elbow to the face. Both competitors are exhsuated and trading blows in the middle of the ring as they get up to their feet. Athena gets Willow down in a crossface submission. Willow rolls over for a pin attempt, forcing Athena to break the grip. Willow hits a death valley driver for a near fall. Willow charges forward, but Athena trips her up with a diving chop block to the leg. Athena goes to take advantage, but Willow takes her down to the mat for a flash pin out of nowhere.
  • That’s the end of the show, folks!

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