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Report: AEW now has a list of banned moves

AEW Revolution

According to a new report from Fightful Select, AEW has sent out a document that outlines a list of moves that are either banned or require approval from above.

The banned moves list includes unprotected chair shots to the head, strikes to the back of the head, blind moves backward into the turnbuckle (like the buckle bomb), spitting, and selling like one is having a seizure. Wrestlers are also prohibited from physical contact with the crowd, including taking food or drinks from the fans in attendance. Weapons and projectiles in the crowd are a no-no, as is bleeding in the audience.

The list of moves that require approval from above is much broader and includes things like:

  • Bumps on the ring apron or outside the ring
  • Any spot with tables/ladders/chairs
  • All variations of piledrivers, hurricanranas, and sit-down drivers
  • Using weapons and throwing objects
  • Choking with hands or weapons
  • High risk dives and top rope moves
  • Bleeding on purpose
  • Injury spots
  • Any spots or brawling in the crowd
  • Any spots involving non-wrestlers like referees and managers

Do you think these upcoming changes will help keep AEW wrestlers safer and healthier going forward, while reducing the number of times the same spots are repeated during a given TV show? Will AEW have trouble enforcing these rules and guidelines?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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