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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (July 12, 2023): Tournament semifinals

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight (July 12) at 8 pm ET on TBS.

AEW’s Canadian tour hits the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club will each reveal the fifth & final member of their team for next week’s Blood & Guts match. This week’s show also features three tournament semifinals: MJF & Adam Cole vs. Big Bill & Brian Cage and Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia the Blind Eliminator Tournament for a Tag title shot, and like Dr. Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue for a chance at The Owen Hart Cup & belt. Plus, Chris Jericho takes on Komander while weighing an offer from Don Callis, Swerve Strickland battles the debuting Nick Wayne — and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


We are the nothing grating against the norm. We are the something that will not conform. No one understands what we’ve been given, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Chris Jericho vs. Komander

Feeling out, whip reversed, Komander with a headstand in the corner, boot sets up a tijeras, Stinger Splash and elbows in the corner from the young luchador! Knucklelock, step up, triple jump into a Dragonrana! Jericho to the floor, Komander with a tornillo!

Back inside, springboard and Y2J cuts Komander out of midair with an elbow! Chops set up a brainbuster, Chris blows a kiss at the camera and grabs a cover for a nearfall. Off the ropes, probing kicks, crescent kick takes Jericho off his feet! Komander off the ropes but Chris hip tosses him to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Jericho counters a dropkick into a powerbomb! Back and forth, Komander gets a seatbelt pin for a tight nearfall! Big lariat from Chris, setting Komander up top, the luchador knocks him down, ropewalk shooting star press... SO CLOSE! Y2J goes for the triangle dropkick, nobody home, Komander runs on the top rope... SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP TO THE FLOOR!

Back inside, springboard Phoenix Splash... JERICHO STILL KICKS OUT! Chris gets the Lionsault for a nearfall of his own, Komander ducks Judas Effect, kicks, knucklelock, springboard into the Dragonrana but Jericho reverses into the Liontamer! IT’S OVER!

Chris Jericho wins by submission with the Liontamer.

Post-match, Don Callis makes his entrance.

He gets in the ring and says the whole wrestling world is buzzing at the possibility of Chris Jericho joining the Don Callis Family. He stresses the connection between them via Bad News Allen and says he has a surprise for him, and it’s old footage of the three of them together.

Jericho says he remembers that back in 1995 and it’s funny because he still has all his hair and Don, well... Callis says Bad News is smiling in heaven just at the possibility of Chris joining, but he’s not here to put pressure on him and he’s happy to wait for an answer, just... think about what Bad News Allen would have wanted.

Alex Marvez interviews “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, who’s holed up in his car.

Perry complains about workplace safety and says he’s here to wrestle inside of a ring, so of course HOOK jumps him in the car and he barely gets away.

HOOK looks down the barrel of them camera and tells Jungle Boy to keep running, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Renee Paquette interviews Don Callis backstage.

Callis says Chris Jericho is a fabulous athlete but if you want announcements, he’s gonna go to the ring and announce the fifth member for Blackpool Combat Club at Blood & Guts. He says he’s not a tough guy and he never claimed to be, but if there’s one guy he’s not afraid of, it’s that gutless coward Kenny Omega, so he’ll be out there alone.

We get footage from Adam Cole and Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s “team bonding” session over the weekend.

Friedman asks Cole why he’s not wearing the shirt, Adam claims he just lost it, and their bickering stops when a bunch of girls walk past. MJF says that’s two for each of them and Cole says he actually really cares about Britt Baker, so Max just says that’s four more for daddy.

He walks off with the girls and Cole chats with he camera man. Max returns and Cole admits he never lost the shirt and he’ll put it on here and now if Adam gets to pick the next activity. He whispers in MJF’s ear and he’s upset.

Gilligan cut to them playing AEW Fight Forever. Friedman says he won’t play games like some weepy virgin nerd, but Cole sells him on his character’s stats and they play a tag match against FTR. Max admits it’s fun to play games with a friend, Adam asks if he’s never played a multiplayer game, and MJF admits that you need friends for that.

Cole pauses the game and says he’s totally honest when he says when they were forced to be a team he had every intention of blindsiding him and cutting him out at the knees. Max laughs and says he was gonna do the same thing, and Adam tells him he’s cool, and he really means that.

MJF says Cole is cool, and they pledge to win the tag titles together, and do so in the video game.

Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (“Red Death” Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara) (Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Semifinals)

Cassidy and Guevara to start, Sammy puts his hands down his trunks, Orange grabs a side headlock and blocks the shoot off, transitioning to an arm drag. Trading arm drags, Cassidy walks away from one and puts his hands in his pockets! Guevara with a spinaroonie, off the ropes, big arm drag, sidestep the dropkick, nobody home on the shooting star press, stalemate!

Garcia attacks Orange from behind and dances, Allin tags in and blindsides him with a dropkick! Jackknife cover for Guevara, no deal, the heels cut him off and put him back-first into the top rope and Orange into the barricade! Daniel legal, front chancery swing and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Geuevara has Allin in a figure four headscissors, reversed into a cloverleaf but Garcia breaks it up with a kick! Yoshi Tonic on Sammy but referee Paul Turner waves it off because Daniel is the legal man! Darby gets away, tag to Orange, smashing his face into the turnbuckles a few times, off the top with a crossbody!

Off the ropes, satellite DDT reversed, block the Dragonslayer, big Michinoku Driver for two! The match breaks down, satellite DDT connects this time but Guevara breaks up the pin! Snapmare into a knee on Allin, shove Orange away, sidestep the knee, Beach Break takes Sammy out but Garcia is right there with a crucifix for two!

Sammy and Darby trading punches with abandon, heads collide and they both go down! Garcia Rock Bottoms Cassidy into the apron and all four men are down! Prince Nana comes down and gives Daniel Darby’s skateboard, the referee takes it from him and Shane Strickland blasts Darby with a kick!

Sammy gets Allin up...

Jericho Appreciation Society win by pinfall with GTH from Sammy Guevara on Darby Allin.

We get another Nick Wayne vignette where he talks about the beginning of his career and his dad’s heart problems, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Renee Paquette wants to interview Adam Cole but he’s on the phone.

He hangs up and apologizes when Roderick Strong rolls up to ask Adam if he really likes this dude, and Cole says MJF is really a nice guy and if you remember they didn’t like each other very much when they first met. He gets a text from Max about feeling sick and calls him, telling him he is NOT sick.

Better Than You, Bay Bay (Adam Cole & Maxwell Jacob Friedman) vs. “Big” Bill Morrissey & Brian Cage (Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Semifinals)

Friedman and Morrissey to start, Max immediately tags out and Cole starts doing push-ups to show off in front of Brian Cage! Bill and MJF back in, Max tries to slam the big man and fails! Big boot clears Cole off the apron, Morrisey goes to work on MJF and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Big Bill is still in charge, Max steels his resolve and walks into punches, biting Morrissey’s hand! SCOOP AND A SLAM ON THE BIG MAN! Cage tags in, powerbomb lift blocked, eyepoke, tag made, Cole with a series of boots! Superkick denied, pump kick connects, Big Bill comes in and lays him out!

Match broken down, Morrissey wants a double chokeslam, double lariat! Brian Cage with a double fallaway slam, superkicks everywhere, Heatseeker connects, Cole is legal, off the ropes...

Better Than You, Bay Bay wins by pinfall with the Boom from Adam Cole on Brian Cage.

Post-match, Better Than You, Bay Bay get on the mic and hold court in the ring.

MJF polls the crowd on who’s fans of either of them and tells Cole to talk to the Canucks. Adam tells him to not touch him so much and says he never expected their team to work, but not only has it worked, but they’re doing pretty damn good, don’t you think?

He thinks they’re gonna win the tournament, and furthermore, he thinks they’re gonna win the tag titles.

Renee Paquette is outside Chris Jericho’s locker room with Jake Hager, and Jake goes in to talk to Chris about the Don Callis thing. Chris says he doesn’t know but Callis is making good points and he honestly needs some time. Hager pulls off his purple bucket hat and reminds him they have history— ten years ago he saved his life in Abu Dhabi and four years ago he gave up an undefeated MMA career just because Y2J asked.

He gets it, they’ve got a lot going on, but until Chris can be straight with him, he can’t give him a hundred, and he hands him the hat and leaves, sending us to break.

Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Semifinals)

A little mat grappling, Blue with a big slap across the face, setting Soho up in the corner, charging in, back body drop puts her on the apron! Toni Storm runs interference, Ruby chokes Skye in the ropes but gets cut off with a kick! Jockeying for position on the apron, spin-out bulldog puts Ruby into the apron! Toni throws Blue into the steel steps and referee Stephon Smith has had enough and ejects the other two Outcasts from ringside!

Soho smashes Blue’s knee into the steps again and again and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Blue and Soho slugging it out with forearms on the apron, moving to kicks, and Ruby flops back into the ring! Skye up top, nobody home, roll through, big elbows! Swinging neckbreaker... NOPE! Code Blue blocked, Soho rolls her through into a half-crab, Skye crawling for the ropes... AND SHE GETS THEM!

Ruby wants the Saito, Blue blocking with punches, full nelson facebuster... STILL NO! Ruby takes control...

Ruby Soho wins by pinfall.

Post-match, the Outcasts celebrate together.

We get a video package recapping this week’s episode of Collision and we go to break.

Back from commercial, QTV have a world premiere for Harley Cameron’s music video.

Nick Wayne vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Collar and elbow, struggling into the corner, Strickland breaks with a disdainful pat of the cheek and Wayne turns him around to return the favor! Off the ropes, snapmare into a cover for two, Nick backs him into the corner, back roll, sunset flip blocked, Shane turns him around, knucklelocks, up into the corner, boot knocks Strikland down, roll over, ducking and dodging, stalemate!

Wayne gets a head of steam but takes too long, back suplex, lands on his feet, bridging fisherman suplex, Shane kicks out! Calling for it, cut off, Prince Nana runs interference and Nick back body drops Swerve to the floor! Back up on the apron, fireman’s carry, Wayne slips out, Frankensteiner to the floor sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Strickland has a reverse chinlock in, Nick fights to his feet, trading strikes, slide under, dropkick connects, catch the boot, kick in the corner, duck a lariat, handspring Stunner blocked but Nick pops up and turns it into a Asai DDT!

Springboard, caught into a backbreaker rack drop, another one, cover... STILL NO! Darby Allin comes to ringside, avalanche Poison Frankensteiner hits, Wayne’s World... SHANE’S FOOT WAS ON THE ROPES! STRICKLAND LANDS AN AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER, LAST CALL CONNECTS BUT NICK KICKS OUT!

Divorce Court, Wayne’s arm hanging limp, Swerve gets him up...

Shane Strickland wins by pinfall with the JML Driver.

Commentary hypes up our next week of shows.

Don Callis makes his entrance to announce the fifth man for Blackpool Combat Club at Blood and Guts.

He’s here to make a very important announcement and he’s very excited about it. He’s so excited because this fifth member, along with the rest of the BCC, is going to slaughter the Elite and Kenny Omega, may god guide their hand. And no one is more deserving of this abuse than Kenny, who is an ingrate, a coward, and a punk.

Enter Kenny Omega.

Jon Moxley and Konosuke Takeshita get between him and Callis... AND PAC CUTS OMEGA OFF WITH A CHAIR! They beat Omega down in the ring and PAC gets on the mic and says he has no idea how long he’s been waiting for this since Kenny shattered his nosebone and he’s the fifth man and Omega will pay his price.

They horsecollar Kenny with a chair, PAC goes up top, Jon asks for last words and Omega says they still have a fifth man too...

The lights go down.

We get a video package.

KOTA IBUSHI IS COMING TO BLOOD AND GUTS! THE GOLDEN LOVERS STAND REUNITED! THE HUNG BUCKS SAVE OMEGA AND CLEAR THE RING! “Hangman” Adam Page says Wednesday they’ll finish this once and for all! Kenny says they’re done but never out, and they’re gonna show them it’s about heart, passion, soul, friendship, and love.

Consumed by rage they’ll never prosper, and next week they’ll find out the hard way that a little barbed wire is nothing compared to what they’ll do, and when they’re down and out, that’s when he’ll come for Don Callis.

So until then, good bye and good night.

That’s the show, folks.

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