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MJF issues open challenge for the AEW world title and gets a surprise

Tonight’s (July 1) episode of Collision featured AEW World Champion MJF’s in-ring debut on the new Saturday TV show.

The champ was apparently allowed to choose his own opponent, because he faced off with some jabroni named Kip Morst in a non-title match. MJF effortlessly tore him apart and forced a submission for the very quick win.

MJF wasn’t done there, as he then grabbed a mic to trash talk the live audience in Hamilton, Ontario. To prove how shitty everyone is there, MJF issued an open challenge to anyone from Hamilton to face him in a world title match.

Some hefty guy who MJF described as a tub of goo came out to accept the challenge. The commentators assumed this was another jabroni set up by MJF for a second easy win. But MJF was met by a surprise; Ethan Page came out, took that guy’s spot, and instantly turned babyface with a fire promo running down the champ and presenting himself as a man of the people who is always there for the fans.

Page also happens to be from the local area, so the impromptu world title match was on with an opponent who MJF was definitely not expecting.

Unfortunately for Page, MJF took out his knee early on. The injury came back to bite him later on when he had MJF up for the Ego’s edge but collapsed under the champ’s weight. MJF hit the heat seeker shortly thereafter and retained the gold via pin fall.

So MJF fought twice in one night and even defended his world title, but he’s still the top guy in AEW.

What did you think of Ethan Page’s babyface promo, Cagesiders?

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