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AEW Collision results, live blog (July 1, 2023): Owen Hart Tournament matches

AEW’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing tonight (July 1) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW taped this week’s show at Hamilton, Ontario’s FirstOntario Centre (spoilers are here, if you’re interested — and if you are and want to chat about them in the comments below, please use the spoiler tag).

Tonight we’ll see the remaining three first round matches in the men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong — and that last one will have CM Punk (who already advanced to the semi-finals at last Sunday’s Forbidden Door PPV) on commentary. World champion MJF makes his Collision debut, Kris Statlander defends her TBS title against Lady Frost, Miro will be in action... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Geno here. Let’s. Do. THIS?!?

Powerhouse Hobbs and Dustin Rhodes cut brief promos on each other for their Owen Hart Tournament match. Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe do the same. Generic but promotion is promotion.

Cue the intro.

We’re opening with the AEW world champion.

MJF vs. Kip Morst

Match recap: Morst is a local athlete making his debut with the promotion. That means he’s here to be squashed. Sure enough, MJF spiked him on his head, then ripped his shoulder up on the ensuing pinfall. Then he submitted him with a crossface.

MJF def. Kip Morst via submission

After, the champ grabbed a microphone and told everyone to keep their mouth shut when he talks. He was supposed to have a day off today but instead he had to come to “crappy ass Hamilton.” He called everyone there the “dumbest, most worthless pieces of trash I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Then he said he’s so positive of that, he would beat anyone who walks through the curtain who is from here, and he would even put his title on the line.

Out walked a hefty fellow.

MJF called him a tub of goo. He didn’t make him all the way down the ramp before Ethan Page passed him by and told him to kick rocks, he was going to take care of this.

MJF started talking some trash to him as he got in the ring and Page slapped the mic out of his hand. “We’re not doing this crap, not tonight and not in Hamilton, Ontario, buddy!”

Page said MJF has no clue what he’s capable of but he wants to show everyone the cloth he’s cut from. He talked about his dad getting a job just up the road and taking care of his family but rising up to run multiple companies. He said he’s more than MJF because he’s not a “bare minimum bitch.”

“You are not my world champion. When this company needs something, they don’t call you they call me because I’m always here for the fans.”

He said they called him and gave him 24 hours notice to fly to Canada to do press and make appearances for them. His wife asked him when AEW is going to pay him back for all he does. “In due time,” he told her. Well, now is that time. He asked for MJF to be a man and put his title on the line against him.

MJF handed the belt to the referee and it looks like it’s on.

MJF vs. Ethan Page

Match recap: Page got off to a fast start but MJF quickly regained control. He used the referee to keep that control, hiding behind him. A painfully long single leg Boston Crab. Page finally got a rope break. Page made a comeback but was selling the left knee heavy now. Twist of Fate to get MJF down. Up to the top rope but he took too long and MJF racked him. Went up for a superplex but Page fought him off and got him up for a powerslam from the top rope. That got a two count when MJF got his foot on the rope. MJF begged off, then worked the leg again. He finally hit the Heatseeker for the pin.

MJF def. Ethan Page

Up next is an Owen Hart Tournament quarterfinal match.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Match recap: QT Marshall out with Hobbs, which enraged Kevin Kelly on commentary because “Powerhouse does not need that hanger on.” Stalemate in the corner, Hobbs pushes Rhodes’ chest so Dustin slaps him in the face. They go back-and-forth. QT grabs the ankle when Rhodes is running the ropes, giving Hobbs control. After a beatdown on the outside, Hobbs distracts the ref and QT runs Rhodes into the post. When they cut back to Rhodes, he’s cut on his head. Back from commercial and Rhodes had regained control, leading up to a big piledriver for two. Canadian Destroyer got two, closer this time. QT hopped the apron and got knocked off. Hobbs with the Spinebuster but that only got a count of one, with Hobbs shocked about it. Another comeback from Rhodes but in the end Hobbs proved to be too much after yet another interference from QT while the ref was distracted. The Spinebuster got the pin this time.

Powerhouse Hobbs def. Dustin Rhodes via pinfall

That puts Hobbs in the semifinals to face the winner of Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson.

The Redeemer up next. A lot of phones out in the crowd to record him walking in.

Miro vs. Anthony Henry

Match recap: Miro attacked early and often, landing clubbing blows. Henry fought back, so it wasn’t a total squash, but Miro wasn’t doing a ton of selling for him. He ate a lot of shots that were stunning him a bit but never quite putting him down. And he always came back stronger and faster than before. Game over. Camel clutch, Miro crush.

Miro def. Anthony Henry via submission

A dominant win, even while he’s godless. Amazing stuff from the big man.

Bullet Club Gold out for an interview.

Tony Schiavone asks what’s next for them.

Jay White says he doesn’t like the energy in this place, and Tony’s energy is too low. They have a couple of new members and the Bang Bang Gang is in full force. The Golden Gunns. “You like that?”

He says this right here is the “golden era” of Bullet Club and it continues tonight when Juice Robinson wipes the floor with Ricky Starks.

The Gunns shush Tony to speak a bit. They say they joined Jay and Juice because they traveled the world and won multiple championships. The other question is why would they want the Gunns to join? They only just had their first tag match 16 months ago. Since then, they won the tag team titles and they’ve beaten all the fan favorites. They call themselves the best tag team in the world and if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya.

Gunns up.


Schiavone says Juice vs. Starks is coming up in just a few moments but also members of the Bullet Club will be barred from ringside. This enrages the group. White takes the mic and says Tony is done talking because he’s got something to say to CM Punk.

“Mr. Punk, when you returned you returned with a little bag of goodies. Or maybe there was just one goodie in that bag. I told your friends when you wave gold in my face it can be mighty tantalizing. So if that goodie in your bag is made of gold, if that goodie in your bag is your AEW world heavyweight championship, well then I suggest you leave that in the bag, Mr. Punk. But FTR, you have my attention.”

He says Bullet Club Gold already beat them so how about they put their world tag team titles up against him and Robinson. “Then it really will be Top Guys out and Guns up.”

Cut backstage to Punk, FTR, and Starks.

Starks is getting a pump, so Punk will talk

He says if they want to know what’s in the bag so bad they can go to and buy a replica and parade around with that title and call themselves a champion. White didn’t put himself in the Owen Hart Tournament. He just hides behind his teammates. Well, Punk has friends, and they’re the best.

FTR speak to say they’ve proven themselves but the Gunns are shooting blanks. Jay and Juice, they do have a win over FTR but if they want to fight tonight or next week, they can do that.

Starks gets to speak and brings up Bullet Club being banned from ringside. What happens to Juice without all that help? He has the answer.

Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson

Match recap: Robinson in control early. Working the leg, playing up to the crowd. Starks shaking it off and asking for more. Juice off the ropes and with a big elbow. Plays like another, but a surprise boot to the gut. Off the ropes and Starks sends him over. Juice feeds for him. Shoot off the ropes, big lariat. Kick to the gut, DDT. Ricky kips up but falls over selling the leg. Big DDT but only for two. Juice comes back and gets a submission but Starks makes it to the rope for a break. Robinson with a rollup and hook of the tights but Starks kicks out anyway. Scoop and slam from Ricky but only for two. Starks with a spear, a back-and-forth, Starks jackknife, a roll through for the pin to advance.

Ricky Starks def. Juice Robinson via pinfall

Bullet Club Gold surrounded the ring immediately after the finish, so Punk and FTR ran in to make sure nothing went down.

Starks’ win means he’ll be up against Powerhouse Hobbs in the semifinals.

Backstage, Christian being interviewed with Luchasaurus about the TNT title, which he’s still carrying.

Christian continues talking like he’s champ. He says he’s feeling generous on Canada Day today but he’s interrupted by Shawn Spears. He asks Luchasaurus if he sees what’s going on here and says he wants to talk to the champ. Christian tells him then talk to him while getting in his face.

He says Spears isn’t dangerous and he’s never going to be dangerous, so walk away.

“The funny thing is everyone is capable of being dangerous — they just need to meet the right person. I’ll see you soon, champ.”

Luchasaurus makes like he’s going to attack but Christian holds him back.

The TBS title is on the line next.

TBS Championship: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Lady Frost

Match recap: The champ put the the challenger on the back foot early. They went back-and-forth a bit but Statlander was in control for the majority of the match and ultimately scored a clean pinfall victory. Commentary called it a “dominant win” and started putting over the fact that she’s building a reign like Jade Cargill.

Kris Statlander def. Lady Frost via pinfall to retain the TBS championship

Backstage and Andrade is interviewed about getting himself into trouble with the House of Black.

He takes the mic and says he’s here for his mask. The House of Black stole it and he wants them to show their face. He starts screaming that his mask is everything and he wants to see their face.

On the monitor next to him, Malakai Black says they’re looking into his past and in due time they’ll work things out.

Main event time.

CM Punk out for commentary. He high fives some fans and seems generally upbeat with everyone. He definitely wasn’t getting booed as much as last week, but it’s a taped show.

Roderick Strong vs Samoa Joe

Match recap: Punk, not surprisingly to anyone, is great on commentary, saying matches like this are why he got into the business, putting over both wrestlers. He said he’s got the best seat in the house to scout his potential opponents. Strong and Joe went blow-for-blow, exchanging a ton of strikes, just back-and-forth with it. Joe looked to be putting some stank on his, especially the chops. Looked and sounded great. Strong would get a little bit of momentum, and Joe would just snuff it out with a big shot, or a slam, and then he would take control and punish him. When asked about it, Punk said you gotta do some real damage to Joe to keep him down. “Look at his head, it’s like a melon.” Ha. Strong kept shooting off the ropes trying to even knock Joe down and he couldn’t do it time and time again. “Come on, Roddy, put some mustard on it,” Punk encouraged. Finally, after so many attempts, a dropkick got him down. Strong fought hard, and he kept going as long as he could, but eventually Joe got him in the sleeper and Roddy passed out.

Samoa Joe def. Roderick Strong via submission

This sets up Joe vs. Punk in the semifinals.

After the match, Joe grabs a chair and heads over towards Punk. Referees and security runs down to the side of the ring and gets in his way. Punk, for his part, looked like he was grabbing for a chair too.

Joe starts to walk off, thinks better of it, and climbs in the ring to slam Strong down onto the chair he just tossed in there. Punk gets in the ring to check on Roddy and help tend to him.

Then he stares down Joe as he’s walking up the ramp.

Adam Cole hits the scene to check on Strong as well. They bring out the stretcher and put him in a neck brace. Then he’s loaded up and tied down. They stay on this for a long time, making it as serious a deal as possible.

That’s the show.

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