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Aubrey Edwards’ first AEW match just got weird with a surprise trios partner

Last week’s episode of Rampage teased a tag team match of Referee Aubrey Edwards & Mark Briscoe vs. Karen & Jeff Jarrett.

That match might sound strange enough as is, but things got even weirder during the follow-up angle on tonight’s (June 9) episode.

Karen called Aubrey out for an ass whooping. Aubrey answered the call but said AEW won’t sanction a one-on-one match between them out of respect for the men and women in the back who are actual wrestlers.

However, that’s when Mark Briscoe informed everyone that AEW will sanction a mixed trios match. It will be Jeff, Karen, and Jay Lethal versus Mark, Aubrey, and...Papa Briscoe?

Yeah, Papa Briscoe.

Check it out for yourself:

An official date has not yet been announced for this mixed trios tag team match. That should give AEW plenty of time to explain the logic hole of why a trios match featuring Aubrey, Papa Briscoe, and Karen Jarrett is somehow more respectful to the men and women in the back compared to a singles match of Aubrey vs. Karen.

What do you make of this angle and match, Cagesiders?

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