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MJF & Adam Cole promo duel includes Vince McMahon & steroids talk (UPDATED)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman begrudgingly appeared on the June 7 Dynamite, his first appearance for AEW since successfully defending the World title against Jungle Jack Perry, Darby Allin & Sammy Guevara at Double or Nothing.

Just as he did at the media scrum after that PPV, MJF spoke about how no one in AEW is on his level. And as tends to happen in pro wrestling when heels say things like that, he was interrupted by someone who would take issue with that claim. Adam Cole, BAY BAY!

The champ didn’t let Cole get to that part of his entrance. He did put over the former Ring of Honor & NXT champion’s career. MJF admitted he was an Adam Cole “mark”, saying he followed Cole’s path to the top and waited for his hero to show up. But instead of the Panama [City] Playboy, AEW got the Panama Gameboy. Max went so far as to throw Cole’s famous line to Karrion Kross back at him.

MJF was just getting warmed up. He would go on to reference rumors that Vince McMahon didn’t think Cole was a main roster talent and would rather cast him as Keith Lee’s manager than a top of the card guy... and say that he thinks Vince was right.

Cole got a microphone to retort. He covered Max’s shots about his girlfriend Dr. Britt Baker by taking aim at MJF’s failed engagement, saying he can’t hold a relationship together because he’s a world class douchebag. Regarding Friedman’s digs about his physique, Cole challenged Max to take a piss test to see who came up clean. A theme throughout was the lack of respect MJF garners, and Cole modified the champ’s catchphrase, closing with “I’m better than you, and they know it.”

That and a few accusations of cowardice were enough to get MJF to agree to put his title on the line against Cole.

When will that happen? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Turns out Cole won’t get a title shot... he’ll get an Eliminator match next Wednesday (June 14) that he has to win to get a title shot.

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