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64 year old Sting taps Chris Jericho after diving off a ladder mouth-first into a table

Sting & Darby Allin got a win over Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara at Forbidden Door last Sunday, but none of those men was involved in the finish. The New Japan stars who were — Tetsuya Naito and Minoru Suzuki — weren’t involved in the Tornado Tag main event of the June 28 Dynamite however, so we didn’t think we’d have that problem tonight.

Jericho brought his “Painmaker” alter ego, and there was plenty of pain to go around in this one. Notably this spot, where the 64 year old Icon waved Allin off from a high spot to take a leap off a ladder in the ring onto the two tables he & Darby draped Guevara over at ringside. He did not get all of it, and seemed to hit the farther table mouth-first.

Sting was out of the action for a while while Jericho and Allin dueled, but returned for the finish (which took place in a rare-for-Dynamite five minute overrun) with at least a bloody lip and possibly some damage to his teeth. Jericho delivered a pretty gentle-looking Codebreaker.

An also bloodied Jericho went for Judas Effect, but Sting dodged it. He hit a Scorpion Death Drop, and when that didn’t get three locked in a Scorpion Death Lock which made The Painmaker tap.

One would think that with another win over Jericho & Guevara that this feud is over for at least a while... and Sting will probably need a few weeks to heal up. By this point though, we’ve learned not to assume there’s much the Stinger won’t do.

Get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s Forbidden Door fallout edition of Dynamite here.

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