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The Young Bucks & Hangman Page had matching eyebrows with Eddie Kingston at Forbidden Door

When Eddie Kingston joined the Young Bucks and Hangman Page as their partner for Forbidden Door, everyone recognized it was an odd pairing. Kingston disliked the Elite after years of fighting, and the feelings of distrust were mutual from the Young Bucks. But, they had a tag match at the PPV and needed to coexist for one night. Matt Jackson came up with an idea to show team spirit during the latest episode of Being the Elite.

“Forbidden Door 2023” - Being The Elite Ep. 353 featured a scene (starting at 3:31) with the foursome meeting in the locker room.

If they are going to be a team, they should look like a team. Matt suggested the Elite shave their eyebrows in Kingston’s style. Even though the Mad King rolled his eyes, he was agreeable to performing barber duties.

This wasn’t just a fake goof. The Hung Bucks actually had lines shaved in their eyebrows. Here is a close-up on Matt.

Being The Elite

And here is a Brady Bunch shot of the group.

Being The Elite

That camaraderie worked to earn victory, even though, the Bucks accidentally superkicked Kingston when he saved Jon Moxley.

Also of note for potential storylines in this episode was a new attitude from the Best Friends. Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor wanted to get back on the winning track, so they decided to try being bad guys. Insults flew at Ryan Nemeth, and he cried. The Best Friends felt guilty, so they decided to try being nice bad guys instead. This is likely just a bit for BTE, but now you know the background if it drips over to AEW television.

Would you shave your eyebrow to match the Elite and Eddie Kingston?

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