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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023 results: Ospreay beats Omega in a violent classic

Before his rematch with Kenny Omega for the IWGP United States championship at Forbidden Door, Will Ospreay was featured in a video that brought back his old “Aerial Assassin” nickname. He entered flanked by Omega’s ex-mentor Don Calllis, and Callis’ “military-grade personal security”.

Was it enough to ensure a different outcome than he got in their classic at the Tokyo Dome early this year?

There wasn’t much of a feeling out process, as these two men know each other — and what they wanted to do — very well. Omega was gaining momentum when Callis got involved. Referee Paul Turner threw Don & his mercenaries out, but it created an opening for Ospreay to get the upper-hand.

Kenny was able to regain control relatively quickly, but it was the challenger who landed the next big shots. A shooting star press to a prone Omega was followed by an Oscutter on the apron, and then Will busted his rival open by smashing his head through the announce table.

Intent on making sure everyone knew he was returning the damage done to him at Wrestle Kingdom, Will licked some of the champ’s blood off his arm and then nailed Omega with his own V Trigger. Grabbing a Canadian flag from a fan, Ospreay added insult to injury by wiping his crotch and blowing his nose on it. That motivated Kenny to inflict some damage of his own while returning the flag to the youngsters the Brit had taken it from (kind of gross, but okay).

That damage didn’t just consist of a V Trigger through the barricade. Omega used the steel steps to make his opponent bleed, then opened him up further with a DDT onto them.

The crimson mask didn’t end Ospreay, who further disrespected Canada by locking Omega in a Bret Hart-esque Sharpshooter. Kenny escaped that and a crossface, but didn’t have much left in the tank after that. He did have enough to counter an Oscutter with a knee (it helped that Will told him and everyone watching it was coming).

Each man hit huge moves over the next several minutes, which left both men down. It was at that point that Callis & his muscle returned. Omega made sure Callis knew the next series of V Trigger’s were for him too, so Don tried to protect Will... and slip him the same screwdriver he’s stabbed Kenny with in the past.

Somehow Ospreay stabbing him, and hitting him with a Hidden Blade, and Stormbreaker weren’t enough. Neither could A ONE WINGED ANGEL THAT OMEGA KICKED OUT OF AT ONE.

And that wasn’t all. Another exchange led to Ospreay hitting a nasty looking Tiger Driver ‘91, and still Omega kicked out.

He didn’t kick out of the Hidden Blade and Stormbreaker that followed though.

Will Ospreay collected the title, and flipped off the fans. He almost certainly isn’t done with Kenny Omega, though.

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