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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023 results: SANADA retains, Jungle Boy turns

TDE Wrestling

IWGP World Heavyweight champion SANADA was pretty dismissive of his Forbidden Door challenger heading into AEW & New Japan’s June 25 PPV. That challenger, Jungle Boy Jack Perry, didn’t pay much more respect to his opponent at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena as both men spent the build saying they were unfamiliar with their opponent.

With Perry’s JungleHOOK teammate looking on from ringside, the two men introduced themselves to one another. Perry got a few licks in, but SANADA never seemed impressed. He rarely hooked the leg on covers, and won with a tribute finisher (Keiji Mutoh’s Moonsault Press).

It was a nice moment for the holder of New Japan’s top title, and it was a set-up for what followed. As HOOK helped his partner up the ring, Jungle Boy stopped and fell to the ramp. When the Cold-hearted Handsome Devil helped him up, Perry flattened HOOK. He took the FTW title, threw it aside, and exited through the heel tunnel.

HOOK’s father Taz was on commentary, and left the desk after saying his son would end Perry. Ready for the JungleHOOK War?

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