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Wrestling is to be enjoyed, not overthought

Channeling our passion on the art, not the business, is the best fan practice.


In addition to being your Noble Scribe and Cageside Seats’ Conscientious Contributor, I’m also a member of this community. I enjoy interacting with our readers throughout Cageside’s various articles because I love talking pro wrestling.

But along the way, I realized that I misplaced my fan card.

I recently had an engaging discussion with two of Cageside’s most passionate AEW supporters about the concept of AEW’s Forbidden Door event and how AEW could make it more profitable and marketable to its existing fanbase.

And then I thought, Who cares?


Stay with me. Don’t go to the comments section to crucify me just yet.

I mean, why do we care about the business of pro wrestling? I get why I’m supposed to care. I’m your Noble Scribe; I’m somewhat obligated to stay on top of these things.

But as fans, we talk about the business of wrestling sometimes more than the actual wrestling. And that’s sad.

I never cared about wrestling’s TV ratings until the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling went head-to-head on Monday nights. The ratings, then, acted as a scoreboard to say which side was winning.

But before that, I just watched wrestling. I assumed that as long as it was on the air, everything was fine (or at least well enough). And that should be enough.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be curious about how a show is doing because we just want to know that our favorite thing isn’t going away. It’s even okay to suggest how it could be better.

But it’s something not worth spending a lot of time on or engaging in tribal warfare over.

So long as pro wrestling, regardless of promotion, is within our reach, let’s assume everything on the business side is good enough and channel that passion where it matters most.

Sending love to The Queen and my Tribal Chief.

Watching pro wrestling.

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