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Miro is godless

Miro has long been a factory of great one-liners, at least since he joined AEW, but his Redeemer character is one of the best things going in professional wrestling, and I’ll die on that hill any day of the week.

His latest work, from this week’s episode of AEW Collision:

“I’ve been in exile for almost a year. And then I was summoned. And when that coward finally spoke he told me that I would be his favorite champion once again. There were his blessings in my muscles I would never lose again. All I need to do is praise you.

“It was that moment I realized that this coward was an idiot too. The Redeemer kneels before no man or a god. So now I know what I must do. I must walk alone. I must be what this fool is not — righteous without seeking a reward. Therefore I now renounce my god, my gold, my beautiful wife.

“Because I am Miro, and I am godless.”

Something like this has the potential to be painfully cheesy but Miro’s commitment and delivery really make the whole thing work unbelievably well. It’s the kind of character work I would enjoy even if it didn’t tie in to his actual work in the ring but he’s made it literally all about that and that makes it so much better.

Why this man isn’t wrestling for world titles on a regular basis I’ll never understand.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Collision this week:

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