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AEW Collision results, live blog (June 24, 2023): CM Punk 8-man tag

AEW’s Twitter

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (June 24) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW will be at the site of tomorrow night’s cross-promotional PPV with New Japan, Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. Collision Guy CM Punk will again be in tag action, teaming with FTR & Ricky Starks to take on Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns. Sting & Darby Allin will reveal their mystery partner for their trios match against Chris Jericho & company at Forbidden Door, while Hiroshi Tanahashi gets ready to challenge MJF by facing Swerve Strickland in singles. Andrade El Ídolo’s next House of Black opponent is Brody King, and the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament continues when Willow Nightingale goes up against Nyla Rose. Plus, Christian Cage on his Luchasaurus’ TNT title win, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Hey folks, it’s Geno. Let’s do this thing.

Rush Hour 2, an absolute gem of a film, has finished up. It’s clobbering time. Or something like that.

Backstage, CM Punk tells Bullet Club Gold and the Gunns to give their balls a tug cause tonight they’re in for a fight. FTR and Ricky Starks say a few words to go with it. The other side gets their chance to say a few words, and they promise the same but in reverse.

Saturday night’s alright for fightin!

Tony Schiavone in the ring to promote the fact that Forbidden Door is tomorrow in this same building. It’s going to be exciting. But we still don’t know who will partner up with Sting & Darby Allin.

Well, we’re about to find out.

Except “Judas” hits the loudspeakers.

Chris Jericho is out with Minoru Suzuki.

Jericho tells Schiavone to shut up the second he starts talking, and then tells the fans the same. “Don’t try to shamelessly pander to me, I’m not from Toronto. I’m from Winnipeg, you idiots.”

Nice call back there.

He says they’re in a bad mood, good and pissed off, because Sting and Allin have kept them waiting with the reveal of who their partner will be. Who will they get that’s tougher than Suzuki? Who will they get that’s “crazier and sexier” than Jericho? His words, not mine.

Jericho put over being good friends with Suzuki, showing off their own handshake they have. Sammy Guevara is miffed by their friendship. But he’s still one of the best high flyers and Sting and Darby won’t have anyone to match up with them.

Jericho turned his attention to Schiavone, threatening him if Tony didn’t tell him the partner. Naturally, that’s when Sting’s music hit and Schiavone, despite being backed into a corner with a bat to his throat, still did the “It’s STIIIIIINNNNGGGG” announcement.

Gotta love pro wrestling.

“Holy shit” chants from the hot Toronto crowd once all four men were in the ring.

Allin shut Jericho up to say he had something to say. He called out Guevara for not being there and saying maybe he knows he doesn’t need Jericho but if he shows up at Forbidden Door then he’s going to kick his ass.

Then, it was time for Allin to tease out his partner. It’s a guy who kicked Jericho’s ass at the Tokyo Dome.

Tetsuya Naito hit the scene to a big pop.

While he was making his entrance, Kevin Kelly put Schiavone over for keeping that secret in his pocket.

Once his music cut off, there were two chants that broke out at the same time. One that said “Naito” and one that said “holy shit.” Jericho and Naito stared each other down and did some jawing before Jericho bailed out with Suzuki.

It’s time to hear from Miro.

“I’ve been in exile for almost a year. And then I was summoned. And when that coward finally spoke, he told me that I would be his favorite champion once again.”


Then he called god a coward and an idiot too. The Redeemer knows he must walk alone and be righteous without seeking reward. Therefore he now renounces his god, his gold, and his beautiful wife.

He is Miro, and he is godless.

Swerve Strickland vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

LOUD chants for Tanahashi. Shortly into the match, Tanahashi threw Swerve the air guitar, and Strickland went off with it. Of course, Hiroshi kicked his legs out and strummed a few notes of his own. Pop. Swerve took control again and knocked him out of the ring, taunting him with more air guitar. Enraged, Tanahtashi hopped back into the ring to knock Swerve down so he could once again regain control of the air guitar. Incredible stuff.

They were grabbing each other’s hair and simultaneously breaking the count at four. A lot of fun spots in the beginning before they ramped up into a more physical back-and-forth match, trading blows and near falls. Tanahashi with a cradle for two. Up to the top but Swerve got the knees up for two. Swerve’s turn to go up top but Tanahashi bailed out.

The slingblade, back up top, and Tanahashi fell over when he was trying to go all the way to the top rope. Swerve covered for him by getting up and brawling a bit with him, allowing Hiroshi to fight him off and back down to get in position again. This time, Tanahashi got up to hit the splash for the three count.

Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Swerve Strickland via pinfall

After the match, MJF’s music hit.

He didn’t come out, though. No, instead he had a video. He said he’s going to embarrass Tanahashi at Forbidden Door. Then he said he told Tony Khan he’s only showing up to the PPV if they get to go on first, because he doesn’t want to be in Canada for a second longer than he has to. He also doesn’t want to watch a “bunch of indie jabrones from Japan.”

Then he said he’s going to kick Tanahashi’s ass because “you are not on the level of the devil.”

Brody King vs. Andrade El Idolo

They remind us of last week, when Andrade defeated Buddy Matthews. King attacked him, so now he gets the chance for some payback.

Andrade looked to chop the big man down, avoiding some big offense before a dropkick to the lower leg. Andrade controlled much of the early action, fending off each of Brody’s attacks while landing his own. That included a big moonsault to the outside.

That got a “holy shit” chant going.

Back in the ring, though, it only got a one count.

King finally got some control of his own, as they traded some chops but it was Brody who landed the big one on Andrade while he was on the ropes knocking him to the outside.

Cue commercial break.

Back from it and Andrade had regained the edge. Crossbody from the top. Shot off the ropes, and another knockdown for Andrade. Both men selling until Andrade kips up. His chest is very, very red. He picks King up to try to lift him over his shoulders but can’t do it. Elbows to back him off from King. Into the corner, though and Andrade hits the double knees. Pinfall attempt gets two.

Fans clap to get Andrade going. He gets King up but after wrapping his head, King drives him into the corner. Big kick from Andrade while Brody tries to come back in, but he answers with a big punch of his own. He picks Andrade up on his shoulders but his knee gives out. He recovers and goes to the other corner with a death valley driver.

Andrade literally bounced back. Looked great.

King then hit the cannonball and tried to follow up with a powerbomb but the knee gave way again. Andrade took the advantage and dove at the knee again, instantly going to the Figure Four. That’s when Julia Hart got on the apron with the black mask. Andrade hopped off King and went to retrieve it. Hart backed off.

Andrade went right back to the Figure Four, and then tried to bridge into the Figure Eight. He was struggling with it, and commentary sold like it was because of his bad shoulder. Right when he was getting there, Buddy Matthews hit the ring to attack him.

Andrade El Idolo def. Brody King via disqualification

The heels put the boots to Andrade from there, ending with a Gonzo Bomb from King. The trio stood tall before Malakai Black’s face showed up on the tron. They held up the black mask. Then the lights went out.

Next, we hear from Christian Cage about the TNT title.

Tony Schiavone back in the ring, mentioning the fact that last week we got a new TNT champion. That was the introduction for Cage and Luchasaurus.

When they walked out, Cage was holding the title over his shoulder, even though Luchasaurus is the champion. Commentary was sure to point this out.

“Ask the tough questions, Tony,” said Kevin Kelly.

Schiavone opened by asking Cage how he feels being back home. Cage said he left the show in a really bad mood last week, for a lot of reasons. But he also knew he would be back in Toronto days later with the TNT championship. And now he’s in an even worse mood.


The moment he stepped off the plane, all the thoughts and emotions came back to him. He can say this because he’s from Toronto: “This city breeds losers and in turn it’s populated with losers. You’re okay with mediocrity, I’m not.”

He started going after the Maple Leafs and got drowned out by boos. He mentioned how they finally won a series in the playoffs this year and then choked in the second round. What do you know? The only good thing that’s happened for Toronto was in 2019 when the Raptors won the NBA Championship. But that was only because of Kawhi Leonard, who is Cage’s friend, and Christian claimed he told him Leonard needed to leave the city to become a success like he did.

Cage then said there will be no more open challenges for the TNT title. They have to fight, scratch, and claw for it. You have to want it like he did, like Luchasaurus did. He said it’s not a vanity project for him like some other guy that used to travel the roads with AEW. But he will make this title matter, remaining the face of TNT now and forever.

At no point did Luchasaurus touch the title he won last week.

They ran a promo for the men’s Owen Hart tournament, with Satoshi Kojima and CM Punk promising to kill each other, while Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe promised to beat each other up, while Dustin Rhodes and Powerhouse Hobbs said they’d take it all, while Juice Robinson and Ricky Starks staked their claim.

The tournament gets rolling tomorrow with Punk vs. Kojima. The rest of the first round matches take place next Thursday on Collision.

Over on the women’s side of the Owen Hart Tournament, it’s time for a quarterfinal match.

Nyla Rose vs. Willow Nightingale

Collar and elbow tie up, pushed into the corner. Back each other off, stalemate. Willow shot off the ropes for a tackle. Rose recovers quick to take control with punches and a chop in the corner. Tries to shoot Willow into the corner but Willow cartwheels her way out and into a kick. Then it’s her turn for a slap and work into the corner.

Once there, they work themselves into a test of strength that goes to the middle of the ring. Willow manages to twist out of it and jump over for a rollup but only gets two. Nyla bails out of the ring and when Willow goes after her, Marina Shafir gets in the way. That allows Rose to take control.

Into a commercial break.

Nigel tells us Rose was pushing her advantage during the break. Willow makes a comeback and shoots her into the corner. Up to the second rope for a dropkick that gets a two count. She tried to lift Rose up but her shoulder wouldn’t cooperate. Rose got a slam of her own for a two count.

Back to the corner to exchange blows. Willow kicks Nyla off but Rose uses her fingernails on the back. Walks her out for a powerbomb but never gets it off. They trade shots again. Criss cross ends in a Willow tackle. She goes back to lift Rose up and gets the job done this time, which gets the three count.

Willow Nightingale def. Nyla Rose via pinfall

That puts Nightingale in the semifinals of the tournament.

As she was celebrating her win, The Outcasts ran out. They surrounded the ring but before they could get in, Skye Blue showed up with a chair as an equalizer. Saraya could be heard complaining that she was using a weapon. The heels backed off but not without jawing and talking plenty of trash.

Scorpio Sky interviewed.

He’s asked what’s on his mind. He said he watched the video they made of his accomplishments and it should have made him feel good. But when he finally got his big break in wrestling, he wasn’t ready for it. But he is now. He reintroduces us to himself, one of the first faces of the revolution. He accomplished a lot while being a shadow of his true self. But now he’s back and we’re going to find out who he really is.

Powerhouse Hobbs will be in action next. They don’t say against who, but that would seem to be the point. He is a very big, very strong, very dangerous man.

Me thinks we’re going to learn all about that here in a second.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Jeremy Prophet

The moment the bell rang, Hobbs drilled Prophet. Then he threw him in the corner and came in hot with elbows. He backed away to pander to the crowd, then taunted Prophet, telling him “get your ass up.” Then he just picked him up over his shoulders with ease. Prophet tried to make a move, dropping down and hooking the leg for a rollup but Hobbs just stood there flabbergasted at the audacity of this man.

Then he beat him up some more. Shot him off the ropes into the spinebuster. That was all she wrote.

Powerhouse Hobbs def. Jeremy Prophet via pinfall

Kelly said he’s been salivating at the idea of being able to call Hobbs’ matches for years now. Well, it must have been a pleasure.

Some final promotion for Forbidden Door, as they run down the card.

It’s a good looking card. We’ll have coverage RIGHT HERE at Cageside Seats dot com.

They also announce that MJF will make his in-ring wrestling debut on Collision next week. We’ll also get a bunch of quarterfinal matches in the men’s Owen Hart Tournament.

Main event time.

CM Punk & FTR & Ricky Starks vs. Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns

Punk’s entrance was interesting. Quite the response. He was cheered but also booed loudly. Some fans chanted his name. Others booed through that. Kelly made sure to note “we’re not in Chicago anymore.”


He did the “it’s clobbering time” bit but cut it short and threw it to the crowd, who did not finish it for him.

Kelly reminded us Punk said he was ready to be hated by some folks, but it was easy to say it in his own backyard at that time. Well, here we are in Toronto, and plenty of these folks hate his guts and aren’t shy about showing it.

Punk asked for Jay White, who put a finger to his forehead and tagged his partner in. Juice and Punk had a scramble that Punk got the better of before tagging in Harwood. Running the ropes, a tackle, stops to bodyslam Juice, who kicks him away and gets a bodyslam of his own. To the ropes again, side headlock takeover.

The crowd is just chanting for CM Punk for all this, by the way. They acknowledge it on commentary and it dies down a bit. Audience is exceptionally well mic’d, because it’s hard to even hear commentary over the noise.

In the ring, Austin Gunn was getting knocked around by the babyfaces, from Dax to Cash and then it was Starks turn to tag in to get a few licks. He went up top, walked the ropes while dancing, Old School.

Finally, they got around to tagging Punk back in and Jay White got in with him. Big exchanges, into the corner for some punches, back-and-forth ends with Punk launched out of the ring to the floor. The action breaks down from there, with everyone getting involved. That was the lead in for a commercial break.

Back from break and Dax hits a superplex on Juice. He picks him up for Doomsday and Cash tags on his back and completes it. The cover only gets two because Switchblade ran in to break it up.

In comes Colten Gunn, shooting Cash off into the corner, following up with a dropkick. Playing to the crowd, getting “asshole” chants. Wheeler reverses him with a flip into the corner, a roll up for two. Chops him down. Back to his corner and a tag to Punk. Over the knee, and Punk comes in with an elbow from the second rope for a two count. Another pinfall attempt gets two again. Neckbreaker for two.

Colten shoots him off to the ropes, White distracts Punk with an X sign, and Colten takes advantage. He puts Punk in the corner with boots and when he backs off to play it up, White gets a boot of his own in. In the heel corner and White tags in. He immediately lands a big slap to the chest.


Robinson calls for a tag so he can come in and start working over Punk’s knee with elbows. White back in to keep the heat on, and we go back to commercial.

Back and White is still working on Punk. Up in the corner and Jay screaming in Punk’s face “you don’t belong in this ring anymore.” Punk bites him and kicks him off. Boos from the crowd. He goes up and hits a crossbody. Then he sells from his knees holding his hand out like he wants a tag. White kicks him away and blocks him from going to his corner. A big chop from White. Punk responds with a punch. Another chop. Punk gets multiple punches and then tries to head for his corner again. White cuts him down before he can get there. Back to chopping.

Punk shoots him into the corner and they sell there. White pushes him off, but Punk knocks Robinson off the apron. Swinging neckbreaker seems to give Punk an opening but the heels hop the ring and chaos breaks out. Robinson into the ring and he goes for the GTS but Punk catches his leg and hits a head kick. The Gunns in but they can’t stop Punk from diving to his corner to get Starks in for a hot tag.

He runs wild, and then the action breaks down again, with everyone in the match going at it, body on body, just blows being exchanged all around the ring. Back body drop on Harwood on the outside. Back in the ring Starks hits blue Thunder on White for two. They’re all that’s left in there at the moment.

White rolls him up and uses the tights but only gets two. Starks floats him over and tries for a pin of his own but Juice is there to break it up. In comes Harwood and he takes Juice out with a piledriver. The Gunns in to take Dax out. Cash in to take both of The Gunns out, and then follows up with a monster dive to the outside, holy shit that looked potentially bad.

Punk went to the top rope like he was going to dive out but White was up in the ring and Punk jumped in on him and got taken out. White after Starks, the referee gets distracted, a shot on Ricky the ref didn’t see, and White finishes the job for the bad guys.

Bullet Club Gold & The Gunns def. CM Punk & FTR & Ricky Starks via pinfall

The heels celebrate in the ring while the babyfaces lick their wounds walking back up the ramp. FTR consoles Starks. White, Robinson, and The Gunns put the guns up to send us home.


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