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Dax Harwood calls out ‘top star’ who didn’t like CM Punk being on Dynamite

Or, here’s the response to reports CM Punk’s return increased ‘divisiveness’ at AEW and made the company a ‘ticking time bomb’ that you were probably expecting.

AEW’s Twitter

As predictable of rumors about people at AEW being upset or concerned about something CM Punk-related are, so too are response to those rumors from Punk’s allies and friends.

Punk’s fellow Collision star Andrade El Ídolo already tweeted about a report of growing “divisiness” in the locker room following Punk’s return being BS (and we don’t mean Bachelor of Science). He’s now been joined by Punk tag partner and bestie Dax Harwood, who cited the treatment his daughter received backstage at Dynamite on Wednesday as evidence of locker room cohesion:

The FTR member went a little further in this since deleted tweet, shown here in a quote-tweeted response from Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. Meltzer is the “certain individual” Harwood references in the above message, and the one who wrote about “a top guy” who left the taping Finley was treated so well at “in a bad mood” and worried about AEW’s future:

Meltzer is, of course, referring to Brawl Out. That post-All Out locker room fight happened after The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega sought a “face to face” with Punk after he repeatedly said anyone with an issue with him should do so. Accounts vary on how exactly things went from there, but they didn’t go well.

While all of this is — at least to this blogger — quite exhausting and not even terribly interesting any more, it doesn’t feel like a sign the problems of the past year are completely in the rearview for Tony Khan and his company.

Hopefully the “Come Out and Play” plan currently being employed by AEW keeps things from getting as bad as they were last summer.

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