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The ring will actually explode in AEW Fight Forever’s Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch

In 2021, the main event of AEW’s Revolution PPV was an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the company’s World championship. Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley’s match had plenty of spots that utilized barbed wire, and everything leading up to Omega retaining his title fit in with what fans expect when they hear the word, “deathmatch”.

The whole “exploding” thing, though? When Kenny and his running buddies The Good Brothers handcuffed Mox to the ring so he’d be stuck there when the timer triggered it to explode, prompting Eddie Kingston to run in and throw himself on his friend to take the brunt of the explosion? All we got were a few sparklers, a puff of smoke, and not much else.

It sent all involved into damage control mode, and, well... at least Eddie’s cover story for why he sold the non-existent explosion was pretty good.

Why are we rehashing this history? Well, AEW is giving themselves — and all of us — a do-over by adding it to their new video game, Fight Forever. And today (June 21), they gave us a look at it:

Much better.

Ready to blow some wrestlers up yourself when Fight Forever drops on June 29?

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