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Why PAC hasn’t been on AEW shows lately, and when he could be back

All Elite Wrestling

After Death Triangle dropped “Game 7” of their Trios championship series with The Elite back in January, PAC disappeared from AEW television.

For a while, I assumed his absence was related to the visa issues that talent from multiple companies — including his partners Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M — were reportedly dealing with at the time. But you know what happens when you make assumptions*. As time went by, and with AEW’s debut in his native United Kingdom coming up later this summer, the Bastard-free episodes of Dynamite and Rampage became curiouser and curiouser.

It sounds like he should be making his return soon, however. That per this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which also explains where PAC has been these last five months:

PAC has been out of action due to getting his nose fixed that he was still wrestling on after it was injured to complete the best-of-seven series. We are told he should be back shortly.

Dave Meltzer’s awkward phrasing aside (I butcher the English language myself on the regular, but I’m pretty sure “with” is the preposition you want to go with there, sir), this is good news.

So who do you want to see PAC take on at All In in Wembley Stadium?

* You make an ass out of you, and umption. And umption doesn’t deserve that.

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