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Skye Blue gets ‘sappy AF’ about winning on the AEW Collision premiere in her hometown

Skye Blue (real name Skye Dolecki) has had a remarkable past week or so. The 23 year old won her first television match, and earned an AEW Women’s World title shot in the process. She didn’t win that, but could have pinned Toni Storm if not for interference by the champ’s stablemate Ruby Soho. It earned her a tag match with Willow Nightingale against The Outcasts on the premiere episode of Collision last Saturday night (June 17), where she did pin Storm in front of roughly 10,000 of her fellow Chicagoans.

It was enough to put Blue in a “sappy” mood. “SAPPY AF” to be exact:

**WARNING THIS IS GOING TO BE SAPPY AF**If you would have told 17 year old trainee Skye that at the age of 23 she would pin Ruby Soho on the debut of AEW Collision in a SOLD OUT United Center, in my hometown of Chicago, AND my ass (quite literally) broke the internet….. I would have never believed you.

I still can’t wrap my head around all the feelings and emotions that went through me from the moments leading up to walking out onto that stage to me just typing this caption. I am so grateful for the opportunity to show the world who Skye Blue really is, and I can’t wait to keep making you all proud. I love pro wrestling so effin much, it’s my life, it’s all I know, and I can’t wait to wrestle til I’m 85 years old still trying to bump and wrestle to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Let’s fucking go

Get sappy, sister. You earned it. Looking forward to as many of the next 62 years of your career as I’m around for.

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