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CM Punk’s return to AEW didn’t change KENTA’s mind

All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk & KENTA’s long-standing, long distance feud over the GTS re-entered the wrestling conversation earlier this month when the move’s Japanese inventor claimed he was no longer pursuing a match against the Chicagoan who he admits he stole it. KENTA would still do the match, but only for a big pile of cash. He no longer needed it.

The timing was curious, as Punk’s return to AEW after a nine-month absence had just been announced for the premiere of Collision, and Forbidden Door — AEW’s crossover event with KENTA’s promotion New Japan Pro-Wrestling — was the week after that. Sure enough, a report surfaced saying the two companies had discussed booking KENTA vs. Punk for that June 25 PPV in Toronto.

In his response to that rumor, KENTA doubled-down on his stance, tweeting that Tony Khan would need to GIVE HIM THE BAG to work a match with Punk at Forbidden Door. We didn’t hear anything about it for about a week, but after Punk’s big comeback Saturday night (June 17) in Chicago, KENTA sent this out:

Which either means Khan didn’t present him with a large enough bag, or that KENTA’s putting in extra work to keep some stuff they have planned for this week a secret. Fan reaction seems to be split between making jokes about the former possibility (complete with references to the literal bag Punk brought with him to Collision a couple night ago), and betting it’s the latter.

Chime in with your joke and/or prediction below.

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