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Young Bucks, Lance Archer respond to shots from CM Punk

CM Punk ruffled some feathers in his return promo on the debut of AEW Collision. As expected, his words wouldn’t go without a response. Some were expected, like the Young Bucks, and some were not, like Lance Archer.

There were two lines in particular that roused the rabbles. The first was. “You know what David Zaslov (CEO of Warner) calls me? One Bill Phil. That’s because I am the one true genuine article in a business full of counterfeit bucks.” Shots fired!

You know the Young Bucks couldn’t pass up the opportunity to poke the punk. They responded in their usual style in the Twitter bio. “If it were 2018, we’d already have a “Counterfeit Bucks” shirt available on PWT. Kill it y’all!”


Seriously though, how long until those t-shirts come out? Not to mention any crossfire on Being The Elite.

The other line that caused a reaction was Punk trashing those who expected an apology. “If you feel you’re here today and I owe you an apology, here it is. I am sorry that the only people softer than you are the wrestlers you like.”

The Murderhawk Monster stepped up to the plate.

Archer versus Punk? Yes, please! I’ll gladly watch that match. It even fits in with the angle Punk was working as the uncrowned champion. Archer is exactly the type of wrestler who would punch Punk in the mouth to take his spot.

What’s your reaction to these replies to CM Punk? Would you buy a Counterfeit Bucks t-shirt?

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