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CM Punk isn’t sorry, takes a shot at the Young Bucks in his AEW return promo

The debut episode of AEW Collision kicked off with CM Punk’s entrance to “Cult of Personality.” Punk was showered with cheers by his hometown fans in Chicago.

CM grabbed the mic and proceeded to get a lot of things off his chest.

Punk made it clear that he’s tired of being nice, and he’s not sorry about the past. His presence makes people uncomfortable because he speaks truth to power, and the truth is painful. He took a shot at the Young Bucks, calling himself the one genuine article in a business full of counterfeit bucks.

Punk’s hometown fans made sure to chant “Fuck The Elite” for a few moments while Punk was going off.

To those people who want an apology, Punk said he’s sorry that the only people softer than you are the wrestlers you like:

With all of that out of the way, it was time to get back to kayfabe and where Punk left off in AEW, which was winning the world championship at All Out 2022.

Punk had a bag with him, and he implied that the AEW world championship belt he won when we last saw him was in that bag. Punk said he earned what’s in that bag and there’s nobody in AEW who can beat him for it:

It sure looks like we’re about to have two world champions in AEW, or some kind of angle to figure out whether the true champ is Punk or MJF.

What did you think of CM Punk’s return promo on AEW Collision, Cagesiders?

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