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Aubrey Edwards is 1-0 in AEW after submitting Karen Jarrett on Rampage

All Elite Wrestling

They’ll get mentioned on television from time-to-time as part of the explanation for title and eliminator matches, but AEW hasn’t update their official rankings since last summer (another casualty of All Out, we suppose).

Records are still tracked, though. So whenever they get around to listing Aubrey Edwards as a women’s wrestler in addition to with her fellow referees, it should show 1-0 under her name.

That’s because in her debut mixed trios match on Rampage last night (June 16), Aubrey and fellow guest star Papa Briscoe were the stars against Jay Lethal and Jeff & Karen Jarrett. Mark Briscoe’s father had clotheslines for everyone, including Sonjay Dutt. A Satnam Singh distraction backfired, allowing Aubrey to use the guitar Karen brought into the ring to give Jeff’s wife El Kabong. Then she shrugged off an attempt at the Stroke to slap a Figure Four on Mrs. Jarrett.

Fun stuff, that should mark the end of Edwards’ issues with the Jarretts now that she’s has gotten some payback for Karen smashing Jeff’s guitar over her head at Double or Nothing.

Unless Aubrey keeps quietly moving up the Rankings...

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