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Miro talks his time away from AEW, tells those who have issues with CM Punk to ‘go cry in your mansion’


CM Punk isn’t the only AEW star returning on the premiere of Collision this weekend. Sat., June 17’s show in Chicago’s United Center will also give us Miro’s first match since All Out 2022.

The Redeemer’s time away hasn’t been as headline-grabbing as Punk’s, but it hasn’t been without controversy either. During an interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Miro was asked about being out of action these past nine months.

While answering the previous question about how excited he is to return, Miro said, “The Redeemer’s been in the desert, looking for answers. Maybe finding them, maybe not — we have to find out this Saturday.” So the portion of his comment on his time off about “answers” is likely also in-character. But could you also interpret it as being about rumored creative disagreements between Miro & AEW?

Here’s what Miro said about his absence, so you can decide for yourself:

“It [being off and being away] sucks. It sucks. Just looking for answers and not getting any. It’s not a good place. Not just me, but overall as a human being, when you have no answers to all these questions, it just eats you inside. I have quite a long time to eat myself. Even though I’m still 260 pounds, I ate quite a bit. I’m aching to come back and to find out what’s going on and what’s happening. It’s been a while.”

Miro next said he’ll return as The Redeemer character, which he says is a continuation of the story he’s been telling since he arrived in AEW as Kip Sabian’s gaming friend back in 2020.

Asked about who he wants to face after returning, Miro said he’s always more concerned about the story he’s telling than who he’s wrestling. He did, however, say he doesn’t have any issues with the lightning rod star who’s now front & center on the Collision posters — CM Punk:

“I get along with him fine. I think — every time we talk, I feel like we have a mutual respect. Yeah, so I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him. But you know, everybody hears a whole bunch of things. But man, if you’re not happy with something, just do whatever you wanna do and then go cry in your mansion. Like, I don’t understand, all the lashing out but — everybody is responsible for their own actions.

“Like I said, I get along with him good. We’ve talked, we had great interactions even though we had two or three of them. But yeah, I don’t care. It’s not — I look at myself. I don’t look at other people’s plates. That’s what the Bible taught me. Don’t look at other people’s plates. Look at you, take care of yourself and everybody else, all you can do is just pray for them and whatever happens, happens.”

Sounds like a pretty sane approach, but some might not like the “go cry in your mansion” part — even if that’s a reminder for people to count their blessings and keep their issues in perspective.

We’ll start to see how Miro’s return goes — and if there are any signs of The Redeemer crossing paths with CM Punk — tomorrow night. You can check out Miro’s entire chat with the Good Karma crew here.

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