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Jamie Hayter thinks you’re a fool if you don’t want to work with CM Punk

All Elite Wrestling

Even though CM Punk’s presence in AEW has been the center of a lot of drama, it’s worth keeping in mind that plenty of wrestlers in the locker room have nice things to say about the man.

For example, here’s what former AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter said about CM during an interview with

“From my experience with him, he was always very, very pleasant.

Very helpful, and I always had really great conversations with him about wrestling. He’s a wealth of knowledge because he’s been in the business for so long, and he’s got extensive experience.

You’d kind of be a fool to not want to pick his brain and not want to work with the guy. He knows what he’s doing!”

Hayter’s description of Punk certainly sounds like the guy who came into AEW talking about how he wants to help the younger generation of wrestlers just like when younger Punk was helped out by wrestlers before him like Harley Race, Terry Funk, and Eddie Guerrero.

Hayter goes on to say there is definitely a place in pro wrestling for a star of Punk’s magnitude:

“I would say he’s still incredibly popular now, regardless of the All Out stuff and the drama. He’s still a big name and he’s still wanted in the business.”

I think Hayter just locked in her spot on the Collision roster alongside Punk, if Tony Khan ever decides to move forward with a hard roster split.

Jamie better stop saying all these nice things about Punk before she blows his cover. Doesn’t she know he is going to drop a new pipe bomb on ESPN in the coming days to stir up a bunch more drama ahead of his return this Saturday night (June 17) for the premiere of Collision?

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